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Basic Astrology for Starseeds course

This course has been desgined for starseeds with little or no astrology training to gain a fundamental understanding of astrology from a starseed perspective, as well as the traditional, classic astrology interpretations. Both methods of delivery, either digital download or a hard copy, include the Basic Astrology for Starseeds textbook, several Visual Aids, and an audio guide with Arielle helping you to integrate the knowledge. The audio and text must be used together, where you'll read a small section, and then listen as Arielle explains what you just read. Then, you'll pause the audio and read the next section, before hitting play again. These instructions are repeated on the audio, so start with the audio and Arielle will guide you through the course.

If you choose the digital download, you'll receive an email with the link where you can download all the components of the course. This email may go to your junk folder, but it will be delivered almost immediately. We strongly recommend that you save this download to a CD or memory stick, so it will survive any computer crashes. The audio portion will be an mp3 file, and the text/visual aids will be in .pdf format, which will serve both PC and Mac users.

If you choose the Hard Copy version, there will be 3 audio CDs (which will play on everything) with the book and visual aids. Priority shipping in the USA is included in the cost. If you live outside the US, and want Priority shipping, it will be an extra $30.


Either method of delivery comes with your Natal chart calculation, so after your purchase, send an email to Arielle (arielle at starseedhotline dot com) with your birth info: date, exact time and place, and we'll email your Natal chart to you. We use specific parameters in chart calculations, so we want to be sure you have an accurate chart with which to work.


Digital Download: $98 Buy Now



Hard Copy in the USA with Priority Shipping: $170
Hard Copy outside the USA with Priority Shipping: $200

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