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Cargo Bay 2 - Educational / Activational

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By Lavandar

This book is essential in understanding the proper use of all kinds of crystals.
"Quartz crystals are the manifestation of the Creator's finest hour of expression. They are windows of light with many facets, showing the myriad dimensions of life created from cosmic dust in an ever expanding Universe. Divine Plan has foreordained that all expanding life revolve around one common denominator: quartz crystal. Through frozen solidified light, all creation could be monitored and assisted through the evolutionary process."

"The Crystal Brotherhood"
Antares/Arcturus Midway Station
Great White Brotherhood

This eBook also has a list of all the days when the Sun is at galactic degree until 2030!



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Cargo Bay

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Health Supplies


CEllphone chip

Airtube headset

Shungite pendant


Healing Clay

SMartphone EMF Protection case

Starseed Gateway Skincare

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Home Environment

Salt Lamps

Fog Ionizer

Elite Shungite


smartmeter shield

EMF Meter


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Hazardous Materials

Booby Traps

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These answers were received through tele-thought communication from The Crystal Brotherhood of the Antares/Arcturus Midway Station. The entity occupying an Earth body blended its awareness with the spatial intelligences of the Brotherhood and then translated their transmissions into English.

Profound answers to compelling questions make it hard to put this booklet down, and when you're done reading, you begin understanding on a new level.

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"How to Manifest Properity" - based on the Law of Attraction, this includes some easy techniques to shift your frequency to abundance. Though it's focused on increasing financial prosperity, the techniques work for anything you want to bring into your life.


This book is a 'need to know' for Starseed Training!

One of the most accurate accounts of "The Cosmic Chess Game." Written by William Bramley. While no one has 100% of the truth, this book comes close.


It's available at all major bookstores.

The ElectroMagnetic Radiation
You Are Being Exposed Everyday!

These MUST SEE PHOTOS will educate you on the Global dangers of Cell Phone Radiation and ElectroMagnetic Pollution.

The incidence of brain cancer has increased 400% since the beginning of the wireless era, and it's up to you to protect yourself and your family.



Basic Astrology for Starseeds course
Understanding the daily planetary influences in your life is essential for smooth sailing and planning aspects of your mission. This course has been designed for starseeds with little or no astrology education. Read more details here.

Astrology: A Cosmic Science by Isabel Hickey is the industry standard, most comprehensive educational book on regular astrology, if you want to further deepen your understanding of astrology.

Planets in Transit by Robert Hand is a reference book, the definitive work on transits. Use in conjunction with software that calculates your daily transits.

Time Passages is a robust astrology program available for all platforms, and will calculate your daily transits. Use the Robert Hand reference book to interpret what they mean.

Magical Messages from the Animal Kingdom by Arielle Taylor: written for children to help them reconnect with Mother Nature and spend less time on screens.
Available on Amazon


What the $6 Trillion Wireless Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

These two videos have been taken off of YouTube, but you may find them elsewhere, since they were featured on the TV show "60 Minutes"

60 Minutes - Australia Part 1 of 2 - Cell Phone Dangers


60 Minutes - Australia Part 2 of 2