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Cargo Bay 3 - Home Environment

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Cargo Bay

Cargo Bays:

Cargo bay 1
Health Supplies


CEllphone chip

Airtube headset

Shungite pendant


Healing Clay

SMartphone EMF Protection case

Starseed Gateway Skincare

Cargo Bay 2



Cargo Bay 3

Home Environment

Salt Lamps

Fog Ionizer

Elite Shungite


smartmeter shield

EMF Meter


Cargo Bay 4

Hazardous Materials

Booby Traps

Salt Lamps
- Negative ions have a host of health benefits, and salt lamps produce those negative ions
. You can find them all over the internet, and the Himalayan Salt Lamps are supposed to be the best.

Foggers/ Mistmakers
- Creates negative ions to improve your environment. Available many places, like Amazon.


Elite Shungite from Karelia, Russia
- Shungite is a mineral found only in Russia, and it absorbs/neutralizes EMF radiation. Shungite has different quality levels, and the Elite/Noble Shungite is the best you can get. You can find these across the web, but Amazon has a wide selection. Be sure it's from Russia.


Orgone Crystal Alchemy - Orgone is a great addition to the elevation of frequency in your home and on your body, and for protection against EMF radiation. There are thousands of orgone makers on the internet, but these come from two of our Starseed Quest alumni, and are the strongest, most beautiful, best made that we have ever seen. They can be found on Etsy here: Orgone Crystal Alchemy


Smart Meter Shield

This is a must have to protect you from EMF radiation from your SmartMeter! There are many varieties from various companies, but we recommend something like this from an American company, which has been independently tested and proven to reduce the EMF. This one is on Amazon.


TriField Meter
This is essential in knowing exactly what kind of exposure you have and how bad it is, so you can take appropriate measures to protect you and your family. It measures 3 different kinds of fields: magnetic and electric (from dirty electricity, appliances) and radio/microwaves including 5G (cell phone/tower exposure). Amazon has the best price.

Natural Cork
Put a mat of cork under your mattress to neutralize geopathic stress from the earth's ley lines. If your bed happens to be sitting over the intersection of two negative lines, it will slowly sap your energy, interfere with good sleep and wear you down. If your mattress sits on box springs, the metal is going to amplify not only the geopathic stress, but also any ambient EMF. Places like Home Depot will carry it.



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