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A Cosmic Overview
We do not walk alone in this life. There are countless energetic personages and beings in existence, and some of these are wonderful beings that either accessed this plane of experience with you at your birth, or…they have joined with you since that time to assist in your personal mission requirements. Further, there is no death, so loved ones (even pets!) have moved to "just another room in our big cosmic house" and they too, come to you from time to time.

Let me briefly explain by telling you about my clairvoyant sight.

The ability to see realities and energies that most others cannot see is a wondrous gift that all humans have innately within them. Although I did not receive the gift of music, or a brilliant intellect meant to decode the mysteries of the quantum universe by speaking the language of mathematics, I did receive an active talent of clairvoyant sight. This has helped me, I admit, accept realities I may have otherwise doubted and has given me the responsibility to do what I can to assure others that other dimensions are separated by the finest threads of frequency, that this life is not all there is.

Everything is oscillating…vibrating at frequencies…because everything is manifest Light. Matter is what we perceive on the screen of our lives, but Light is the cosmic projector.

Every color has a frequency, just as sound does. Your thoughts, your moods, your inclinations…these also are frequencies/colors/sounds manifesting below your level of conscious/ego awareness. A clairvoyant, to one degree or the other, can discern these realities (more often in part than in whole) as well as frequencies that shape themselves into the form of loving Beings that abide in some of the closer spiritual dimensions.

The highest and more refined dimensions/frequencies are not accessible to us as delineated realities or as information streams that can be tapped into, because they are vastly beyond the frequencies of energies than abide human bodies. Clairvoyants are not Gods!! I do tell my clients to beware of some who claim to channel incredible Beings of "the Greatest Light" because in truth, if they were tapping into those frequencies, they'd be out-of-the-body-till-next-go-around, as if they had wired themselves to an electric substation. I repeat, part of my mission is to do what I can to lay out a picture of the Grid, and assist others to learn about this so that they may use their own Divine discernment.

Sometimes, these vastly Higher Frequency Beings ("higher" does not mean "better"!) communicate in whole concept, which the human mind makes into words. But most of them, frankly, are doing the Great Cosmic Dance on their own plane and are not devotedly focused on human details, as we might imagine them to be. It's not wise to probe for communication with cosmic intelligence out of random curiosity or to open yourself up to "whatever." "Whatever" is what you will get, and it can be quite a detour away from genuine growth. You really don't want that.

So, let's not be disappointed!! The cosmic multiverse is so infinite that there are places we cannot go, things we cannot see, beings we cannot meet, and truths we cannot know while in the earth experience. These experiences and life forms are for those who evolve upward in dimensions, by increasing their frequencies through realms of experience. Right here on our level, there is so much incredible love and support from Divine Guides, Teachers, and Helpers closest to our own realm. We have an immense family of Beings of loving Light who serve us, help us, love us unconditionally, protect us, and guide us, as they care for other human forms on similar levels throughout existence.

There are also beings of a lower-frequency order, and we definitely will be much happier to not tune ourselves to those frequencies. This will be discussed in the upcoming Part Two: Spiritual Protection from NHI/Non-Human Intelligence Interference

Now, we are born to forget prior memories (the curtain of awareness drops at different ages) and as we are programmed into society, we shut down spiritual sight. The purpose of the journey is to find what we've forgotten. Yes, life is a cosmic treasure hunt!!!

The greatest of all Treasure??? Oh, are you ready?? -Are you?!


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