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Stage 1
Confirmation and Extended Reading of star markings for starseed, lightworkers and Indigos.
To receive a Starseed Confirmation of your star markings, you'll need your accurate birth info, including the date, exact time and place. We do need to know your present location, since we'll be running your progressed chart as well. You'll enter that info on the order form on our secure checkout page. If you want to request that a specific astrologer does your Stage 1, follow up your order with an email to let us know. (arielle at starseedhotline dot com)

After we receive notice of your order request, you'll get an email to confirm that your info is correct. Reply to that quickly to let us know everything is accurate. We have had a considerable waiting list for a few years, with the ongoing global starseed activation. If you'd like a more in-depth personal reading, after receiving your Stage 1 reading, consider arranging a Stage 2 reading, when we do a one on one consultation. Since 2018, we've had a long waiting list for Stage 1 Confirmations, and the current wait time until your turn,at the time of your order, will be given in our acknowledgment email, and on the checkout page, so if you're anxious to get your reading sooner, we give priority to our Stage 2 readings, and we can set those up in about 4-6 weeks.
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Stage 2
Highly Tuned Starseed astrology readings from Arielle, Emerald. Anastasia offers Soul Path readings without astrology.

The Stage 2 session is any live consultation. It can be used for deeper understanding of your path, plan strategies according to planetary influences, have your Solar Return interpretation, synastry (relationships), daily transits or you can combine the Stage 1 and 2 in one live session, where the first part covers the Stage 1 info and then going deeper into other areas for the second part. We'll need an hour to cover both stages. Lavandar has retired from doing sessions so she can finish her book and continue to write for future starseed generations. Anastasia is also available. and works from soul path rather than astrology. Current waiting list times will be shown on our checkout page.

Preparation Recommendation

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Accurate Solar Return Timing Calculations.
(Your True Birthday)
Have your correct birth information, including month, day, year, exact time, and place of birth, phone number and your current location. Make sure to include your location on the days around your birthday! Click on the "Order Now" button here or on the checkout page
and make a secure online payment of $8, using any major credit/debit card or Paypal. When we receive your payment, your Solar Return Timing of your ten hours of power will be emailed to you, PLUS your FREE color Solar Return Chart and Natal chart, normally within a week, but please allow 1- 2 weeks to be safe. If you'd like a reading of that chart, just order a Stage 2 and fill in Special Instructions
during checkout (or follow up your order with an email to arielle at starseedhotline dot com) that it's for a Solar Return reading. With the $8 service, you'll only get the timing calculation; not a personal reading of that chart. You'll need to order a Stage 2 for interpretation of the energies, and keep in mind that we may already be booked, so plan ahead, about 2 months.

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