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Lavandar has long been using her unique abilities to successfully assist people on their life's path. While maintaining a full time "waiting list only" psychic counseling service during her time in Las Vegas, she has been sought after by celebrities, politicians and people from every walk of life for her sterling advice.

Her powers of perception, mastery of astrology and connection to extraterrestrial masters through her double pineal gland add to her highly developed psychic abilities.

1-888-881-0881 Ext. 1

If you are in turmoil, conflict, depression or just feel lost, it is because you have been out of alignment with your Natural State. When you stand in your own light, and "to thine own self be true," everything comes easily. It's only from this Natural State that you can receive your Rites of Passage, and this is Lavandar's specialty. And because her perceptions are so accurate, her guidance can accelerate your achievement of life in your Natural State.

Lavandar's Discovery of the Star Marking Codes is just one part of a journey so profound that it is the subject of an upcoming book and movie called "Crack Between The Worlds" Her expertise in guiding Star Seed, Walk-Ins and Light Workers is unparalleled.

Take some time to wander through Lavandar's World. You'll find channeled information, chronicles of adventures, photos that will leave you speechless and...see for yourself!

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Lavandar has retired from doing sessions, so she can finish her book and work on a mini-series, all for the empowerment of starseeds.

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