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Natural State

One's being-ness is described by all facets of your essence: your physical body, mind and spirit coming into alignment via harmonic resonance, which translates into how one lives their life through frequency attunement. In other words, functioning every day through your natural talents, whether they be related to the arts, music, math, science, educational skills, service to others, as in the health industry and medicine, transportation services, such as a pilot, travel agent or hotel service, or anything. Natural State is what comes easily to a person without much effort. By looking at an astrological chart, one can see clearly the Natural Attributes that a person is born with, but are they going about their daily lives from Natural State, or by some other form of programming?

Rites Of Passage

A way of measuring, from the soul's records, the level of the expression of mastery in mind, body and spirit. Usually, this involves mastering attributes from other lifetimes through Natural State, which carry over from one lifetime to another. From the time one is born until the time that they expire, one masters, at many levels, the Rites of Passage. These are soul privileges that bring beauty to experience through every phase of life. In the combining of new levels of understanding and spiritual knowledge, mastership is pronounced in manifestation as earned credits from demonstrations of how one lives their life. Through ancient teachings, it is said that to pass through the Golden Door involves many lifetimes of proven good conduct, demonstration of spiritual gifts, and staying true to the metaphysical and cosmic laws that govern human behavior.

Here's An Analogy

Imagine a guitar with many strings, and then think of yourself as the body of the guitar. Each string is connected on one end to a "bank account" which holds the power of mastery from past lives, areas where you have learned and earned the Key to a Golden Door. Passage through the Golden Door brings the manifestation of one's soul privileges, like getting a debit card that grants you access to your accumulated funds.

The other ends of the strings are your current life. The pitch of each string IS the Key to a Golden Door. If your life is out of balance, or out of tune, it doesn't resonate with the Key, so the door is closed; funds unavailable.

Natural State is when you have attunement and access to the power from all you have deposited. Everything goes your way with very little effort, and your resources are unlimited. The map of your Natural State is held in the planets' positions at your birth. If those energies support leadership, for example, and you are stuck in a job where you have to take orders, you aren't living from Natural State and are out of tune, locked out from your Rites of Passage.