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Both your intention and ours is for you to have the help you're seeking. Your reading will be more tuned in if you approach it deliberately, with respect, and preparation. Decide on one or two areas so we can go more deeply, rather than trying to cover too much all at once.

Before your session, take some quiet time and ask your own personal guides to assist during the reading. Make sure that others know not to disturb you while we're on the phone, even pets. Landline or Skype is preferred, and please don't be driving a car!

There's no need to take notes, since we record your reading as an MP3 and then email it to you. When you're taking notes, you're not 100% present. Give respect to the messages and the messenger, and get the most you can from your session.

Know that when you ask the Spiritual Realms for help, it's already on the way. Allow the help to come in, and remember, you are not alone.

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