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July 2010 Report by Lavandar as Scribe. This information is still valid today.

Inside the Grand Teton Mountain in Wyoming is an interconnected space-time continuum; a kind of star gate where a galactic gathering takes place Jan 1-7 and July 1-7 of every year. This gathering has been in existence for hundreds of years, and has been revealed to humans as early as 1708, when the 14 generation experiments were first put in motion concerning star seed bloodlines on the planet. Because of the delicate balance to be held through bloodlines, it was decided that a selected group of souls would be in charge. They would be keeping the records from start to finish, including decisions from these meetings each year, determining which bloodline and souls would participate throughout this 14 generation experiment. Some souls chose to incarnate through all of the 14 generations, while some only dipped down every 7th generation, which would be twice in the experiment. Others chose not to incarnate at all, but to "walk-in" as needed to seed, water, fertilize, or harvest some aspect of the intended course of human history through these procedures. Those aboard "spacecraft" who chose not to incarnate at all were part of the "genetic engineering team" which assisted in matching bloodlines to bring about the intended effect.

Several galactic beings come to the Grand Teton meeting from many galaxies, planets, and solar systems through interdimensional portals, including black holes, and represent the most evolved of their race or species. After attending these meetings, they go back to their origin with a report, which would determine their level of assistance to planet Earth. All have come to an agreement on two critical agendas. First, Earth would not be destroyed through nuclear power or crystal power, including all ET based technologies given to the planet. And second, they would not interfere with a soul's destiny and desire to go home, no matter what home would be for that soul. The Cosmic Law of "Free Will" became the main guideline for all of the experiments, since interfering with this law would jeopardize the experiment on so many levels.

As time went on throughout these meetings, they had to focus on a species of galactic souls who had come to the planet long ago, discarded the codes of "free will" and had set forth a seeding of their own species, which was in violation of all other experiments that the Galactic Councils had put forth millennia ago. This violation had actually begun on Earth long before the Teton meetings were even put in place, and the renegades' handiwork can be tracked back to times of ancient Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Sumeria, Greece, and in other geographical areas where gold, quartz and other minerals were abundant. Their tracks are also at some of the 33 Gem Power Points on the planet, as they too understood that the Earth to Sky dimensional power of these portals, vortexes, and entrances and exits, resonated not only to their species, but to other species as well.

This renegade bloodline would travel the globe, intermixing with other bloodlines, influencing people through their genetic makeup, and become troublesome to certain experiments conducted on the planet. Over time, these Galactic Council meetings in the Tetons, decided to put a measuring device in place to filter out some of the renegade bloodline, but as all the experiments have shown, the renegades, too, had ways of circumventing this measure, and became smarter in the calculated upgrading of their species. Technologies were so advanced and immense in their tracking abilities that some genetic engineers had to splice and split souls into different frequencies, so that they could compete with the ploys of the renegade species. Let it be known that this renegade species first came with the reptilian Draconian bloodline, but since then, others have joined them over the centuries and have supported their efforts, even infiltrating some of the Teton meetings, disguising themselves as willing participants. This occurrence, I know, will be upsetting to many who have been attending these meetings and will undoubtedly be bittersweet news that will strike hard at the core of their New Age or religious belief systems, but truth can only empower your future.

This year's Teton meetings especially focused on the invasion of renegade bloodlines with their own starseed, as now those mixed bloodlines had grown in such immense numbers, causing some wars to be waged, not only on Earth, but other planets as well. Their lust for power, and greed for the resources on the planet was their first motivation, but later their lust turned towards the humans who are gifted now with star seed abilities, which can resonate to their crystalline tracking systems. Many star seed have been hi-jacked in this manner, especially those who have been abducted against their free will. Once the renegade bloodline put themselves in power positions on the planet, it became more difficult to counteract their lust for power. Many walk-ins have come and gone from world leaders, because of the advanced technology that allows implants to dictate global events.

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