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There are certain things that every starseed can use to help you in your mission, whatever it might be. Tracking the energies around you is essential to make wise choices. Having your blood crystals fully supported to maintain your connection to your Star Family is another must. The following are some of the tools that we have found to be critical to success, and are not in any particular order:

1. Silica supplementation. Think of it as having plenty of signal strength on your phone. Your Star family is connected to you by using your blood crystals to transmit information, and for you to have the power to be heard. It therefore helps with feelings of disconnection, as well as depression. Electro-magnetic radiation from cell phones, towers, computers, etc., just sucks the silica out of you, so you have to keep replacing it every day. You can't really OD on it, so experiment to find your daily need. It comes in many forms in just about any health store, as well as online sources, like I use World Organics Silica 500 with great results, but also have used BioSil. Generally, an organic form such as bamboo extract or horsetail herb extract, is a good choice. Personally, I don't recommend diatomaceous earth, because the quality and ingredients can vary so greatly. You may need to experiment a little to find the one that works best for you. Just get some! (p.s.-when you order from the first time, use this promo code to get up to $10 off: SAV916. They have fast, free shipping, too. I've been using them for all my supplements with great satisfaction for years, so I highly recommend that you start there.)

2. Knowing what energies the planets are creating each day is essential to a successful journey, just like checking the weather before going to sea. You don't have to know anything about astrology, plus, it's a great way to learn passively about the planetary influences and it's called daily transits. It takes the current astronomical position of every planet in relation to your natal (birth) planets, and calculates the aspects. That's what a daily transit is. If you're planning something big, look for the best window, or at least, look for any "bad weather" that would increase chances of failure. It also helps you to navigate everyday activities to serve you in the best way. There's an app for smart phones and computers that I found called Time Passages, and it tells you what your current transits are, although it doesn't pinpoint the entrance, peak and exit, it will help. The book "Planets in Transit" by Robert Hand is a mainstream, industry standard reference book, and after a quick search, I found it all over the web. Use it to interpret your transits, and eventually, you'll have a great understanding of planetary influences. So Time Passages tells you what your transits are, and the reference book tells you how it's affecting you. There may even be a free download, but the hardcover is under $25 and it would be nice to support the author.

3. We have chosen to be here for "The Disclosure" by world governments of the existence of ETs, and that indeed is a mission of great importance. Holding the light frequency and being leaders for those who may be fearful is something we all agreed to do. There's a book that you might have heard us talking about, and we've had both the authors on our show, called "A.D. After Disclosure - The People's Guide to Life After Contact". You can get it at as well as many other places, but again, let's support the authors and order from them, and you'll get an autographed copy of a momentous book.

4. Another thing being lied about is the very real threat of cell phone use, and living in proximity to cell towers. If you're starseed, very likely, so are your children. And we're all more vulnerable to the dangers because of our energy fields. Look at the medical proof I posted at, including that children are 400 times more at risk than adults. (BioPro has merged with Gia Wellness) There's a link on that page to an independent site where you can get the only protection that I've found that has the medical evidence and proof to be patented. After 10 to 15 years of accumulated, unprotected use, the probability of cancerous tumors on the same side of the head most often used for cell phones is staggering. Your children may have serious health issues before they even get to college. Headsets don't protect you, because the wire is like an antenna for the radiation, and Bluetooth actually amplifies it. Texting is only marginally better, because at least it's not your head, but any time the phone is even on, it poses danger. Men - don't put them on your belt or in your pants pocket if you value your organs.

5. This one isn't really a tool, but rather a trap. Artificial Sweetener of any kind is hidden in most of our food, and it affects your brain and nervous system. Starseeds are very sensitive to chemicals, and usually manifest the worst, rarest of side effects, especially in pharmaceuticals. Read the labels for aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame. Use natural stevia products if you want sweet without carbs, calories or excess blood sugar.

6. Know where the moon is for timing your activities. There are many sites on the net with that info, or you can get an astrological calendar, like the one from Llewellyn. Always make sure that the moon is not void of course, Mercury is not retrograde, to launch anything you care about. There are some moon signs that are better for one thing than another, so try to learn the basics of the energies of each sign. For instance, if you're looking for approval on some project, avoid moon in Virgo, because people can become very critical then, looking for flaws. But it would be a good time for you to check your work.

7. If you haven't yet, learn about crystals. They are very valuable tools for starseed, and must be treated and used properly. There are many books out there on the subject, but one of the first two ever written was by Lavandar, transmitted from the Crystal Brotherhood and intended for starseed. We have an ebook download available on

8. Because we don't know how the earth changes will manifest, we are recommending that all starseed have 3 months worth of food and water in reserve. It's global consciousness that will determine the severity or ease of the earth's ascension. Also, when disclosure happens, many people could be fearful or panic, which could cause a run on the grocery store. You chose to be here for these changes, to assist and add your light, so make sure you're secured with food and water so you can be effective at helping others. Your mission depends on it.

9. Practice your manifestation skills with this "How To Manifest Prosperity" MP3.

10. Fluoride damages your pineal gland, which is called "The Seat of the Soul" and essential for telepathic and intuitive abilities. Fluoride is in commercial toothpaste and nearly all municipal drinking water. I use Jason toothpaste which is fluoride free, and never drink tap water. An internet search revealed:
A review of brain studies involving the use of fluoride has concluded that one of the adverse effects of fluoride exposure on children is damage to their neurological development. According to the Harvard researchers, children who lived in high-fluoride areas had "significantly lower IQ than those in low fluoride areas," with the authors noting: "The results support the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children's neurodevelopment."
This just adds to the growing number of animal and human studies demonstrating the damage fluoride inflicts on your brain, including your pineal gland. The results of one study looking at children's intelligence in two towns - one with fluoridated water and one without - were particularly revealing, with about 28 percent of the children in the low-fluoride area scoring as "bright, normal or higher intelligence" compared to only 8 percent in the high-fluoride area. Further, 15 percent of children in the high-fluoride city had signs of mental retardation, compared with only 6 percent in the low-fluoride city. And the study even accounted for other potential variables, such as lead exposure, iodine deficiency or a history of brain disease or head injury. There have been over 23 human studies and 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage. The Food & Drug Administration now requires that all fluoride toothpastes sold in the United States bear the following poison warning: "WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately." The FDA warning is necessary because relatively small doses of fluoride can induce symptoms of acute fluoride toxicity (i.e., poisoning). Early symptoms of fluoride poisoning include gastrointestinal pain, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. The minimum dose that can produce these symptoms is estimated to be 0.1 to 0.3 mg/kg of fluoride (i.e., 0.1 to 0.3 milligrams of fluoride for every kilogram of bodyweight). A child weighing 10 kilograms, therefore, can suffer symptoms of acute toxicity by ingesting just 1 to 3 milligrams of fluoride in a single sitting.
11. There's an article on our site with more starseed hazards, so check it out: there are things in every home that are harming you and your children without your knowledge or consent!

This list isn't all inclusive, and I'll add to it when I think of something else for you. I can't emphasize enough how important these tools are to help you get to higher levels of effectiveness, and greater success in your endeavors.

Love to my Star Family,