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Magical Messages from the Animal Kingdom by Arielle Taylor

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50 Questions and Answers:
A Celestial Point of View

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Quartz Crystals:
A Celestial Point of View

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Basic Astrology for Starseeds
is essential for starseeds to have a basic understanding of astrology to better navigate the planetary energies, to better understand themselves and others, and choose wise timing of actions. This is the first course of its kind, based on Lavandar's Discovery of Star Markings and Galactic Astrology. Please note that all the star marking codes are not available in this version.

It's available two ways:
Digital Download and also Hard Copy delivered in the mail.

Both include the textbook, Visual Aids and an audio guide, as well as your Natal Chart. For more details click here

Digital Download: $98 Buy Now

Hard Copy includes Priority shipping in the USA: $170

Hard Copy outside the USA with Priority Shipping: $200

New! Daily Transits Calendar!

Understanding the way the current planetary positions are hitting your chart offers you a powerful tool for navigating those energies in the most beneficial way. Timing is everything!

Our Daily Transit Calendar comes with a Legend that decodes the symbols, signs, planets and terms used. It also comes with a brief report on each day's transits, and your Natal chart. For the most comprehensive interpretation of transits, we strongly recommend that you get a copy of "Planets in Transit" by Robert Hand, the industry standard on transits, to get the most out of this system.

Our introductory offer is for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Click here to get yours!

Natural State and
Rites of Passage

Nobel Prize Winners
and Star Markings

The Andromeda Story

Crop Circles

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