"Quartz crystals are the manifestation of the Creator’s finest hour of expression. They are windows of light with many facets, which show the myriad dimensions of life created from cosmic dust in an ever-expanding universe. Divine Plan has foreordained that all expanding life revolve around one common denominator, quartz crystal. Through frozen solidified light, all creation could be monitored and assisted through the evolutionary process."

"The Crystal Brotherhood" of the
Antares/Arcturus Midway Station
And The Great White Brotherhood

A Short History of
"Quartz Crystals: A Celestial Point of View"

"Quartz Crystals: A Celestial Point Of View" was written and published while I was living on top of a mountain, 9,740 feet in elevation, in Cripple Creek, Colorado. This property was an experimental station for Nikola Tesla, the master of lightning and electricity. My A-frame cabin sat directly on a gold/quartz vein and on the spot where Tesla caught lightning in a jar. At the time I moved there, I did not know about Nikola Tesla. It wasn't until people came to visit the land that I found out about him and his works. After researching Tesla and reading such books as "Man Out of Time" by Margaret Cheney, I was shifted into more crystal awareness with conscious levels of responsibility of power. Our history books were erroneously written, omitting him as the inventor of (AC) Alternating Current Electricity, which was credited to Thomas Edison, who was backed by the powerful J. P. Morgan. Their ‘empire’ of direct current fell to Tesla’s superior AC, which they then stole and promoted. He died penniless, but just before his death; he had perfected free, sustainable energy for the planet and its people. His laboratory was destroyed by those who profited from selling electricity. He was a man ahead of his time, literally. Now, 43 years after his passing, the spirit of Nikola Tesla lives on through many inventors striving to release free energy sources through their inventions.

I could stand on the deck of the A-frame cabin and view Pikes Peak Mountain to the east, 7 miles as the crow flies. Cheyenne Mountain was also in my sight; the place of our national defense. Beaming up from the ground was my Medicine Wheel made of quartz crystal activated by the sun. Pine trees standing tall were in attendance, waiting for the lightning that would come almost every day. Lightning became a regular occurrence and could be timed as if on cue. At 4:00 PM in the afternoon, clouds would roll in and a pattern of "high strangeness" started to happen. Because of this pattern, I would sit down and wait for the lightning strikes to happen. After lightning came, I would pay special attention to what would happen next, whether it was a phone call, a visitation, or some form of spiritual/galactic message. It always seemed that certain visitors showed up right on cue. Later I came to know and define some of this activity as "crack between the worlds" or other dimensional kinds of manifestation.

I noticed that a select group was showing up, which I now refer to as "The Tesla Kids". Each one of them was different, but each one of them had similar characteristics, such as having physical features very much like Tesla himself. After a while, most of them starting looking much like David Cooperfield. Each had different aspects of science, philosophy, and metaphysical understandings, but the one common thread that bound them together was quartz crystal. They all possessed and used quartz crystals in their undertakings. At first I didn't seem to get the connection between "The Tesla Kids" and "Quartz Crystals" but as time went on, it became very clear that some kind of information system was at work through silica, a mineral compound that is known as quartz crystal.

"The Tesla Kids" were not the only visitors that magnetized to the location of this electrified Star Gate. I call it that because it seemed to be a place where cosmic travellers would come and go with regularity. As time revealed itself, along with the visitations, it became apparent that certain people would be led there to create their own experiences. People from all walks of life have visited there. One of the most prominent was an actress/author who was in total alignment with the crystal movement and New Age movement back in 1982-83. She edited part of her manuscript, which became a best seller, from my A-frame cabin which became literally a Star Gate in Cripple Creek. It was also there that another "light worker" met this actress, and their encounters became part of her next best selling book. She continued her spiritual journey through her pioneering efforts, and as a result launched metaphysics on a global scale. Her continued association with ‘light workers" helped to create The Light Institute in Galesteo, New Mexico, where past life regression and transmutation of records was conducted. This was a magical time for so many starseed, walk-ins, and light workers on the planet who started remembering their heritage and why they were here.

Before I wrote this book, I was already a big collector of crystals. From 1979 to 1983, I acquired quite a collection. I had, and still do have, hundreds of crystals. Most of them came from Arkansas mines. I took many trips to Arkansas to pick up clear quality crystals. On one particular trip in February of 1983, I was shown some alarming things that were happening in the quartz crystal mines. The Japanese had bought several mines and were mining them for computer chips. One miner came out of the mine crying hysterically. I took him aside and talked with him. This is what he told me. "The crystals are screaming, the crystals are screaming. They are alive and they are being killed. Please help me do something to stop them." I held him for some time as he sobbed. He further explained that he actually witnessed "Devic Beings" inside the crystals being destroyed. The miner quit his job and later had a nervous breakdown over this crystal encounter.

Some of these crystals weighed 500 pounds or more. They were so clear that their clarity became an obsession for the computer industry. Those who showed disrespect during this time of computer madness surely will have felt the fallout at some level of consciousness. The Japanese were not the only disrespectful corporations, as there were others as well. That same week, other people showed up with stories that showed extreme misuse of quartz, detailing several avenues of rape within the crystal mine industry. At some level, I must have experienced some memory recall of the downfall of Atlantis, which in its final days was destroyed because of the misuse of crystal power, especially The Great Crystal, which was a central power source for advanced technology over 10,000 years ago. Was this the beginning of history repeating itself? I look back now on this experience and know without a doubt this was a place where my intent was followed by my alignment and commitment to bring a certain kind of activation and awareness about quartz crystal.

At this point I would like to describe a very "sacred" demonstration of "devic transference." Before the miner left the mine, he escorted me back in the cave so that I could experience what he had witnessed. This is most difficult to write, even after all these years. Some of the devic beings that resided inside the crystals had jumped out onto other crystals and were erratic in their energy patterns. As I walked past them, I extended my arms and said, "Who wants to go? Jump on and I will take you out of here." All at once, a shimmering of lights started to happen. I picked up my pace, and with the whirling of a dervish, collected as many as I could carry and took them out of this place of destruction. By now my head was swirling, my body was heating up, and my brain was on overload along with my emotions. I went back to the motel where I was staying to lie down, and I barely made it to the bed before I passed out. After a few hours, I awoke with a distinct feeling that I should go home right away. I booked a flight and was on an airplane that night back to Denver/Colorado Springs.

As I made my way to the airport, on my way back to Colorado from this particular trip, a high strangeness started to happen around me. I experienced missing time and was moved up to first class seating with no one else around me. After 20 minutes into the flight, I looked around and observed in the coach section that everyone except me was asleep; even the stewardesses. At that point I could only imagine who was flying the airplane. I got out my notebook and started writing, and by the time I arrived back in Colorado, I had received 55 points to remember about quartz crystal. The next day I sat down at my typewriter, (no computer in those days), and the information started flowing. In exactly 14 days it was written, edited and published.

My dear friend Belva Bloomer edited it for me. We both worked on it day and night. Belva later became a metaphysical secretary to the actress/author I had trained, answering thousands of letters that were stimulated by her best selling books. Vernon Bloomer, Belva's husband, designed the front cover, which shows a spaceship beaming energy down to quartz crystals. His artistic interpretation was responsible for the immediate distribution; no doubt about it. Michael C. Heleus contributed his expertise concerning Astrosonics and Crystals, plus the astrological information pertaining to the galactic activation days of the calendar, showing exact times when it is best to put crystals out into the sun. Of course, those days have come and gone on the calendar ,but for those who understand astrological timing, it can continue to be guidelines for activation. A new calendar is now included in this eBook edition for activation days. The publisher, Leroy Hull, Midwest Printery Inc. in Colorado Springs, accepted the final manuscript and in two weeks it was done. All of us involved in the production of this 44 page booklet seem to be on some kind of accelerated time schedule to meet some cosmic window of timing. Within weeks it was already in its second printing and was being received around the world by continuous reordering, which lasted until 1987. There was never any need to lecture on the book, so I never publicly acknowledged that I even wrote it. As time went on, I couldn’t even remember writing it.

A few years after the book was published, I found that three other people had been given different aspects of crystal information during that same fourteen day period, and their works were also published. All four books reflect different aspects of crystal information, but they all had a core theme about the use and misuse of crystals. Four people in four different locations writing about quartz crystals in the same time frame is a curious bit of synchronization.

It was right after these four works were published that the crystal movement was truly ignited into an industry of gigantic magnitude. With this came the Star-Seed, Walk-Ins, and Light Workers from every corner of the globe in search of each other and crystal information. To this day, it hasn't been revealed to me why the four of us were chosen to ignite the crystal movement on the planet, but as the result of our works, entire networks of spiritual beings were connected through various ways concerning quartz crystal. Those who chose to work and heal the planet were elevated into spiritual awareness, and those who misused the quartz crystals were soon on their own spiritual journey, sometimes off the planet. In all those years of mailing and corresponding about the book, I only received one negative letter concerning the book; just one. It seems that the resonant field of this book somehow lets the reader know who can read it and who can't. That is just about as plain as I can say it.

Another interesting note was that Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, which was mentioned in the booklet, accelerated its distributorship. The discovery of this awesome Yucatan clay, when activated by celestial formulas, jump-started another whole industry somehow. It gained steady customers and is now going on 28 years of sales, and is found in almost every health store.

People from all over the world wrote of their experiences, and continued to reorder this book from 1983 to 1987. After the 1987 August Harmonic Convergence, as my life went in another direction, the publishing and distribution of the book was complete for that time. Now, as the crystal movement reawakens in a whole new generation of Star Seed, it is time again.

Star-Gate Coded Crystals

On November 17, 18, and 19, 1983, a group of Star Seed, Walk-ins and Light Workers traveled to The Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. This spiritual adventure focused on the activation of some genuine solution quartz crystals, which originated out of the Jeffrey Mine in Arkansas. They are grown in water by double helix spiral generation, which is a rarity in the mineral kingdom. A diver was commissioned to dive 90 feet to retrieve them.

During this same period in November of 1983, a combination of planetary aspects were in alignment with the star cluster of the Pleiades. Star-seed, Walk-ins, and Light workers knowing of this alignment chose to become a human/galactic experiment by physically being in The Great Pyramid during this Pleiadean Alignment. Every November and opposite dates of May 17, 18, 19 are times when visitations from the region of the Pleiades takes place. A journal has been kept through the years as to experiences with these star gate coded crystals.

Forty pounds of these tiny crystals were hand delivered to me by Belva Bloomer just two hours before I was scheduled to enter The Great Pyramid of Giza on November 17, 1983, after I had discovered that the original batch had been intercepted by a courier who had withheld several pounds of the best specimens. Belva had to launch into action to deliver a new batch of crystals from Arkansas to Cairo, making it with only two hours to spare. They were taken to the Queens Chamber, where they remained for 48 hours of activation. Codings were placed in these crystals by time travellers to be distributed by crystal workers around the planet. Giza crystals may be referred to as Star Gates. Although tiny in structure, they are able to hold an immense degree of power. Over the years, it has been reported that these Star Gate Crystals seem to have a mind all their own. Lavandar and Belva have received many letters describing unusual circumstances and events associated with these Giza Crystals. Stories started to surface from people who had these crystals manifesting in ways of "high strangeness," healings that defy natural laws, journals of missing time, and many different aspects of communications from other worlds.

What are Star Gate Codings?

They have within them Intent, Alignment, and Commitment with planetary triggers. Their resonant fields are released through cosmic windows, which match Earth resonance fields. As above, so below.

1. Star Gate crystals hold seven million times celestial power. No technology on planet Earth has yet been developed to measure the power of these crystals.

2. Codes holding balancing beams and standing columnar waves were designed for evolutionary patterns for humans and nature. Both man and nature can benefit from these crystals, as they can be placed in any environmental setting for balance and clarity of purpose. Star Seed, Walk-Ins, and Light Workers have an innate ability to channel their transfer and placement. Star Gate Crystals activated on the 1983 Pleiadean lineup hold evolutionary codes released during eclipse patterns focused until 2012 and beyond.

3. Star Gate crystals were distributed globally by crystal networkers until 1989. Due to a death, several pounds were found in July 1999, hidden away in a bank vault by the courier, and forwarded to the original keeper of the crystals. If you have been asked or selected to participate for the extension of this further sacred galactic alignment, please honor these crystals of balance. Although tiny in structure, each one of these crystals can activate life force when placed in specific alignment, whether with people or nature, including water, ley lines, or with other Star Gate technology. Please keep a journal of activities associated with the arrival and departure of these Star Gate crystals, as future generations will glean knowledge from your experiences. Water seeks its own level; so do these Star Gate crystals.

The Ayers Rock / Giza Connection

Although I have received hundreds of letters from people describing in detail their experiences with these crystals, the one demonstration that stands out as a WOW factor involves starseed being led to a particular place on the planet and planting a Giza Crystal. As far as I know, none of these people knew each other, and over a period of several years, it became obvious to me that some grand galactic experiment was at hand. This is because of the vastness and interconnectedness of the weaving of the journeys that were taken by light workers on a mission.

I knew a lot of crystal light workers who devoted much of their time to planting crystals around the world at sacred sites, trees, lakes, buildings, monuments, etc. But the one place in particular that seems to have more Giza Crystals than any other place is Ayers Rock in Australia. I received lots of calls and letters from people telling me that they had been instructed to fly to Australia and plant these Giza crystals at Ayers Rock. My last recall was that about 100 people had ventured to plant these crystals. I keep wondering why so many people were spiritually and galactically drawn to take these crystals to Ayers Rock. Last year, I got a telephone call from someone who told me that a hieroglyph had been found in one of the newly discovered pyramids in Egypt, and that it matched the hieroglyph which is on the top of Ayers Rock. When I heard the translation, I just about fell to my knees. They both refer to Time Travel. WOW. How off the chart is that?


"Quartz Crystals- A Celestial Point of View" was channelled by Lavandar, a messenger from the Great White Lodge of Antares. It was channelled through tele-thought communication via ionized consciousness from the "Crystal Brotherhood." They work in conjunction with the 70 Brotherhoods of this Universe and the "Councils of Light" which govern this galaxy and other regions. The "Crystal Brotherhood" is in constant contact and has become a working entity with the Antares/Arturus Midway Station, and is dedicated to the upliftment of all souls connected with the evolution of the planet of Earth. Their appearance at this time is the result of evolutionary Cosmic Laws.

Those souls, whether on Earth or other planets, who chose to help bring Earth into the New Age of Reason, may also, in future time, work with Brotherhood Midway Stations to help other evolving planets out of spiritual darkness.

The Great White Brotherhood and the Crystal Brotherhood are also represented among the 33 Species of Galactic Intent. These cosmic beings reside aboard the spaceship, "Star of Bethlehem" or as some call it TX-11. The forming of this Federation of Species was in accordance with Divine Cosmic Laws to uphold the teachings of all Avatars of all galaxies.

Quartz Crystal, a mineral called silica and also known as oxide of silicon, is chemically S102. Its composition is one atom of silicon, the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust, and two atoms of oxygen. There are laws that govern crystalline growth, which forms all quartz. This law brings a silica atom combined with two oxygen atoms to form a spiral unit of frozen light. The workings of these three atoms form a mathematical calibration of pizo-electric energy that matches the same energy and frequency of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. This symbolic structure is a space-time pyramid connecting the Earth with other Universes through electromagnetic telecommunication frequencies. The most important ingredient that sends forth the spiral of energy is the quartz that is under and all through the Great Pyramid.

Quartz crystals are formed by heat melting the chemicals of which they are composed, silica and oxygen, forcing them into cracks and crevices where the chemicals united, condensed, solidified and became six sided crystals. Because of their chemical nature, all quartz crystals have six sides. They will, when melted, resume a hexagonal shape as they cool. I f cooled slowly, they form a single six-sided point. If cooled rapidly, they spangle out into a cluster of many points, all six sided.

Crystals come with many names such as Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, Tourmaline and many others. Each one has a definite purpose of existence, especially to the beholder. Crystals mean many different things to many people; exquisite beauty, richness of form and magnificent color. Throughout this book there will be only references made to clear Quartz Crystal and Amethyst. Back to Vault

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