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These answers were received neuro-biologically via tele-thought communication from the Crystal Brotherhood of the Antares/Arcturus Midway Station. The transmission took place on September 12, 1984 in Ruidoso, New Mexico, and the information contained herein is as relevant today as it was then. The entity occupying an earth body, known as Lavandar, merged its awareness with spatial intelligences to blend biogravitational fields to receive transmissions of Light that transmuted the answers. These were then sent through the body's brain and translated into concepts of the English language. The resulting synthesis on the whole is accurate in the various perspectives; however, something of the nuances may be lost in the translation.

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Lavandar’s life has been one of Galactic genetic design. Even at an early age, her psychic and telepathic abilities were extraordinary. As a very young woman, she became a master astrologer and soon embarked on her predestined journey as a Pleiadean contactee, emissary and scribe. Being born with two pineal glands, she is able to receive a second consciousness from galactic beings, while remaining fully aware during information downloads. She was the one who coined the term “starseed” decades ago, and has been keeping the chronicles of her “otherworld” experiences for future generations.

Her role as mentor and Galactic Shaman for many celebrities, politicians and high profile people began after countless Pleiadean demonstrations on galactic timing, events and procedures, as well as first hand participation in many ET experiments and assignments. She discovered the Star Markings in the astrological chart through one of those demonstrations, which lasted two and a half years. This discovery allows her to track and identify starseed as well as decode their origins and missions. She was chosen by the Pleiadeans to officiate over the proceedings of a gigantic walk-in demonstration that took place in the Great Pyramid of Giza in November of 1983 on what she later revealed as a semi-annual “Pleiadean LineUp” when the Earth is in astronomical alignment with the Pleiades star system and their activity here is heightened. The tiny, double terminated Giza crystals that she was instructed to charge in the Great Pyramid at that time have been spread over the entire globe as a balancing beam between Man and Nature.

Lavandar has brought forth two books; “Quartz Crystals: A Celestial Point of View,” the first definitive book on crystals and their importance from a galactic perspective, which has had nine printings from 1983 to 1987, and the tenth as an eBook edition. “50 Questions and Answers: A Celestial Point of View” is the transcript of a transmission from an ascended being from the Antares/Arcturus Midway Station who can be called Psylavon. Many of the questions that people have about extraterrestrials, the state of the Earth and humanity are answered truthfully and clearly.

All of her journals, containing a completely comprehensive view of several extraterrestrial cultures, laws, history, projects, experiments and demonstrations have been locked in a bank vault for nearly 30 years, with a Pleiadean directive to hold the information until instructed to release it to the world. The signal for release has occurred, and she’s now making her remarkable story public, through her website, and Starseed Radio Academy, a radio show at

She’s also decided to do live personal readings for Starseed, Walk-Ins, Lightworkers and Indigos, to offer her guidance and wisdom to any who seek it, because the Earth needs of all us to awaken to our responsibilities and missions to “Leave The Planet Better Than We Found It.”

Chapter 1 -
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Questions 1 - 10

(1) Who are you and where are you from?

I am one of many, but for those of you who require rank and serial number, this phase of my existence is called “Psylavon” of the Crystal Brotherhood of the Antares/Arcturus Midway Station. I am a being who corresponds with planetary energy for your planet and helps to coordinate crystalline grid systems that govern the electromagnetic field of your Earth. I come and go from this receiver’s frequency and am not a regular communicator of hers, but this day was asked to answer these questions.

(2) Why is this channel/person being used to convey your communication?

This came about, this one who channels, as a galactic experiment. She is half human and half galactic. She has several features which make for a highly tuned receiving set. She was born with a double pineal gland; she lives permanently in one, while we can come and go through the other. She also has other physical features that match the other 11 who are involved in the same experiment. She has been under the guidance of the Great White Lodge and the Crystal Brotherhood since her conception. Her training has brought her through every phase of testing, which started with Earth spirit communication, which was essential for her to learn discernment. She has been off the planet on several occasions, both physically and astrally. It is easy to communicate with her because of her ability to match dimensional frequencies; also, her physical make-up, plus her alertness of mind to address us when she is in need of help from our sources. Her soul is dedicated to the planet of Earth for the balancing procedure that is to come. I communicate with her through tele-thought communication. I do not take over any part of her body to speak to anyone. Tele-thought transmissions are more accurate when a receiver is physically equipped and trained properly to do the work that is needed.

(3) What is your purpose/interest in participating in this project (book)?

I was asked to send tele-thought communications to this receiver as to the specific questions that are to be asked. I have no personal interest as the question was stated, nor purpose.

(4) Besides you, are there many other intelligent life forms throughout our universe?

Trillions, upon trillions, upon trillions. Mathematically, you cannot count or comprehend such numbers.

(5) Why are you and others interested in working with the peoples of Earth at this time?

My work is mostly for the planet and devas of your Earth. Many others here at the Midway Station are helping to guide and instruct Star-Seed and Walk-Ins who still remain on the planet. We all work with the Divine Plan and when asked, come to a frequency that others may know.

(6) What is the current state of Planet Earth?

The planet of Earth in is the process of rebirthing itself. Every so often, thousands of years apart, gigantic waves of electromagnetic energies are released from planetary energies and from magnetic fields deep within your Earth that release energies which help to cleanse the planet of disharmonics. After each cleansing, a ray is added to Earth’s energies in order to help balance for the next rebirthing session. Just before each cleansing, many celestial beings venture to Earth to assist as midwives. Many have descended from other planets the last few hundred years to help the planet Earth to go into the 4th dimension. Rocks, trees, and deva life have all experienced this vibrational change. Many humans have transmuted their physical bodies from carbon base to silica base in order to maintain a better balance throughout the next cleansing process. The planet groans with delivery pains and will deliver a new Earth to match the new heavens that will surround it. Although man has misused power and energies in the last 200 years through the industrial revolution, it does not compare with the mass destruction and misuse of power from other civilizations of past ages. The planet of Earth is in quarantine and will remain so until this evolutionary process matches that of other planetary entities in your solar system. The war syndrome will not be permitted to extend beyond your moon. Although there may be many wars in space within your immediate area, no militarily aggressive people will be allowed to colonize and spread Earth concepts to any other planets. Many other beings on other planets know of Earth but will not assist any to venture to their lands with the existing war-like aggressive attitudes. Earth is a school of evolutionary groundwork; a kindergarten for potential gods and goddesses.

(7) What role are extraterrestrial beings playing during this time of great change for the Earth?

Some “Light Beings” from other time zones, dimensions, planes of existences, planets, midway stations and beyond have taken physical form on Earth, many as humans in structure. Some have apported themselves there to fit whatever they need at the time, while others choose the walk-in procedure. Thousands upon thousands of “Light Beings” are on your planet now, and most have been there for some time. They are celestial travelers, which is enough to know for now. Each species that is represented has a different assignment in group thought. Each being has a certain mission, with many back-up systems for the survival of the project at hand. The United States of America has a larger percentage of walk-ins at this time than ever before in the history of your nation. Your nation is designated to bring in the new root race for your planet. Many children will be born, while others will simply appear over the next 15 years or more who will bear the genetic coding of the new root race. The experiment of this phase of your root race will be terminated on your Earth. However, your root race as it is now will continue on another planet within your solar system that is designed to continue where most of your root race has decided to stop. A whole book could be composed concerning this subject.

(8) What is the relationship between extraterrestrials and the peoples of Earth?

The people of Earth are direct descendants of many whom you call extraterrestrials. Earth is an experiment created by energies of the genetic engineering gods. Celestial travelers carrying the same coding or bloodline feel duty bound to help in some of the evolutionary processes of Earth. Many have come to Earth, knowing full well that they, too, can become trapped here in this dense, negative, materialistic world. Yet they insist upon coming, because it is to the benefit of all for the Earth to evolve out of the 3rd dimension into the 4th. Once this is accomplished, then Earth will be ready to take her rightful seat among other planetary civilizations. Interstellar commerce will prevail and a new relationship shall exist. A very important statement needs to be placed here: “Choices are beamed to many on the planet, but those of the Divine Plan will never – repeat, never – use coercion, bargaining, pleading, manipulation, or the blackmailing of anyone of Earth to do anything that is not good for the whole. All instruction comes under Cosmic Laws, with cosmic timing, which produces probable results.”

(9) What can we do as individuals to become receptive to communication from our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters?

This seems like an easy answer, but has many complications that many do not suspect. There are different degrees of vibrations or frequencies that are beamed from different celestial beings. Not all can be in communication with those of us who are on assignments that have an entire universe in correspondence to the Divine Will. Most of us, speaking for those with closed assignments, do not have time to communicate with peoples of Earth for their education. There are some species that have volunteered to do nothing but train and work with Earthlings who want communication. We have observed that some spirits have taken up the cause of communication and that some of them pretend to be of us. How unfortunate for those who are truly seeking their own kind. Many Earth spirits have now been lifted off your planet and taken to the new one to continue their evolutionary process. Several from the Federation have taken them there. As far as being receptive, many will hear or experience celestial visitations, but with little discernment. Being awed by a bright light or fascinated by a display of phenomena does not insure one that all is as it seems. Many deceivers have ventured to Earth in the disguise of celestial guardians of the Divine Mind. Many are, but then, many are not, and only confuse the ones that have truly forgotten their mission. When one aligns with his or her own source and asks for specific instruction as to TRUTH, then only a matter of time will reveal the true disciples of TRUTH for their time zone.

(10) What can we do to become more loving and cooperative with our fellow beings?

On your planet there are some laws that are referred to as the Hermetic Laws. They are designed to match other laws within the Universe. Study these laws and apply them to your daily life and soon a balancing process will take place between you and your fellow man of Earth. The channel wishes to insert something here.

(Channel). The Seven Hermetic Principles, upon which the entire Hermetic Philosophy is based, are as follows:








“The Principles of Truth are Seven: He who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open.” "The Kybalion" by Three Initiates


That is all I wanted to add. Continue, Psylavon.

(Psylavon). There are many experimentations upon many planets. All do not have the same set of circumstances with which to work, but all are based on certain principles within the Universe. These seven mentioned are sufficient in this solar system.

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