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At this point in time, many people are searching for understanding as it seems they have more questions than answers. Lives are changing. Things that used to work don't anymore. This motivates us to seek answers and help from the spiritual realms, and for starseed, we also seek the galactic realm. The good news is that by seeking higher galactic understanding, you are starting on your path to receive it. We specialize in starseed activation, training and empowerment, and we are here to serve as channels for that empowerment.

THE STAR seed, lightworkers and
Indigos CODES

This entire site has been implanted with clues and codes: some blatant and some subtle, some immediate and some time delayed. See it as a game, but take it seriously as you jump the stargates and wormholes that link our pages. Keep in mind that every code does not activate every person, just as your phone number only rings at your house. Coded activation can be likened to the way a hypnotist programs a person to "wake up" when they hear or see something. Star Seed codes were designed and imprinted, in part to help remind us what we forgot, but also as a conduit for communication, either silent or direct. There is much interference in our world, and many of us have become entangled and drawn into "the way it all is" and have lost our way. These codes are like internal beacons; lifelines to our Natural State and the Beings that designed them. When we get out of balance and stressed, we can't receive the help that's waiting or complete our missions.

Because you have special abilities and awareness, your problems aren't like everyone else's. You suspect you may be a "Star Person" or "Star Seed", but how do you know for sure? Maybe you are a Walk-In, Lightworker or Indigo, but what's next? You require very specialized
guidance and information, and that's what we have for you.

Based on your natal astrological chart, we first confirm that your star markings are there. All Star Seed, Lightworkers and Indigos have different combinations of these codes, but we all have them. They match your genetically coded DNA. These codes are the frequencies our "star parents" use to stay connected to us.

You can find further explanation of Star Codes and what they mean in Lavandar's World and the Vault of Knowledge. The fascinating story of their discovery is only one part of a journey so profound that it is currently the subject of an upcoming book and movie called "Crack Between The Worlds".



We offer three kinds of service:
Stage1. Confirmation of star markings with Extended Reading for Star Seed, Lightworkers, and Indigos.
Click anywhere it says "Order Now" to get to our check out page. Go to "Get Starseed Confirmation" and fill out the required fields with your birth info, month, day, year, time, place and your present location and phone number. You'll get two color charts and an MP3 of your starseed confirmation and extended reading emailed to you.(Details) Please note that we do have a waiting list.

Stage 2. Highly tuned intuitive readings from World Renowned Seers.
Go to our checkout page (or click anywhere it says Order Now) or the page of the advisor you're wanting to consult. There are order buttons both places. Make a secure online payment for the level of time desired. The time you book may be used for several types of consultation, including interpreting your Solar Return energies, navigating projects, deeper levels of information and guidance than the Stage 1, synastry between two people, and one of Lavandar's specialties, galactic soul tracking. We'll call or email you as soon as we can and schedule your appointment. Please understand that Lavandar has a waiting list, and she'll contact you as soon as possible. You'll get your charts beforehand, and also an MP3 after your live session with us.(Details)

Solar Return Timing Calculations
Go to "Get Solar Return" and enter your birth information (month, day, year, exact time), birth location and current location, and phone number in the form. Make a secure online payment of $8. We email your exact timing, and a color copy of your Solar Return and Natal Charts, with some background reference information on how make the most of it. This does not include interpretation of the chart; it's just so you know when your ten hours of power will occur. If you want the Stage 2 interpretation, be sure to order it about 6 months ahead of your birthday. (Details)

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