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You must first understand the importance and true nature of quartz crystals and silica before you can begin to grasp the scope of the Grand Design behind Star Seed, Walk-Ins, Lightworkers and Indigos. The following excerpt is from "Quartz Crystals: A Celestial Point of View" a book channeled by Lavandar, a messenger for the Great White Lodge of Antares.

"Quartz crystals are the manifestation of the Creator's finest hour of expression. They are windows of light with many facets, showing the myriad dimensions of life created from cosmic dust in an ever expanding Universe. Divine Plan has foreordained that all expanding life revolve around one common denominator: quartz crystal. Through frozen solidified light, all creation could be monitored and assisted through the evolutionary process."

"The Crystal Brotherhood"
Antares/Arcturus Midway Station
Great White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood and The Crystal Brotherhood are cosmic beings who join others aboard the spaceship TX-11, or "The Star of Bethlehem" in assisting us through our proper evolutionary development.

Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal, a mineral called silica and known as oxide of silicon is chemically S102. There are principles governing the crystalline growth that forms all quartz. This brings a silica atom, combined with two oxygen atoms, to form a spiral unit of frozen light. The workings of these three atoms form a mathematical calibration of pizo-electric energy that matches the energy and frequency of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. This symbolic structure is a space-time pyramid connecting the Earth with other Universes through electromagnetic telecommunication frequencies. The most important ingredient that sends forth the spiral of energy is the quartz that is under and through the Great Pyramid.

Quartz crystals are formed by heat melting the chemicals of which they are composed, silicon dioxide, forcing them into cracks and crevices where the chemicals united, condensed, solidified and became six sided crystals. Because of their chemical nature, all quartz crystals have six sides. They will, when melted, resume a hexagonal shape as they cool. If cooled slowly, they form a single six sided point. If cooled rapidly, they spangle out into a cluster of many points, all six sided. The human body also contains silica, in the blood and connective tissues of the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves.


Throughout the history of man, Silica has played an important part, especially in the timing of prophecy and maintaining galactic experiments of advanced knowledge. But not until January of 1942 was the need as great as when the Federation of Galactic Intent met and decided that those who were to be born would need greater amounts of Silica within their bodies. A strong Galactic stand was taken and the programming of the Star Seed was at hand. A rebalancing process was to begin upon the Earth to help save the planet from destruction. The frequency of Silica was increased because the High Beings that were coming to Earth would need stronger sending and receiving stations in order to maintain contact with their High Command. Silica became part of the monitoring device which in turn became a guidance system for the Star Seed upon the planet. Because of the different missions, some Star Seed's silica requirement is much higher.

Silica is an element in the human physical body that keeps and maintains proper physical health. Without silica, the human body would cease to function. It is the electrical glue that holds the physical manifestation of the body together. Although all living humans need this substance, it is essential for the proper supply and balance to be maintained for Star Seed, Walk-Ins, and those associated with the Psychic Realms. Because these people function mainly upon dimensional and inter-dimensional frequencies they require additional but proper amounts of silica. This supplies the frequency attunement for them and helps maintain their awareness level of their mission with their Higher Mind and with their Celestial Overseers. Therefore, silica becomes the common denominator of frequencies for a higher order. Some refer to this frequency as Celestial Light. This energy and light permeates those on Earth that are Star Seed, Walk-Ins or galactic in nature. This Celestial Light acts as a beacon or signal to those who are the Celestial Guardians of all Star Seed, Walk-Ins or Lightworkers upon the planet Earth.

There are several kinds of Celestial Guardians. There are the ones just mentioned, and there are also Celestial Guardians that are in charge of frequency attunement having to do with groups, organizations, towns, cities, states, countries, etc. All these are within the frequency band of attunement and are in accordance with Cosmic Laws. Because of dimensional differences, a way was devised to bridge the gap of communication between Star Seed, Walk-Ins and Lightworkers on Earth, and with their Celestial Guardians who maintain their light in another dimension. A cosmic mathematical computer system was created with silica being the bridge for all communications coming and going out of the system. It became the active ingredient that produced the proper frequency of transmitting signals from one dimension to another. Silica became universal in frequency so that all races of advanced species would always be able to help other species of lower evolution through frequency attunement, although dimensions apart.

The coding at birth upon the planet Earth would determine the probabilities and responsibilities of the Star Seed, Walk-Ins or Lightworkers. Some were born with total recall and knew of their missions, while others were to be activated at later times, corresponding to their coding by cosmic planetary law. All are dedicated to the advancement of Earth and its inhabitants, and everyone has been monitored closely by their Celestial Guardians via ionized frequency attunement through thought form vibrations. Each of these special beings, whether they are Star Seed, Walk-ins or Lightworkers, have one common goal and that is to help bring in the New Age of Reason. They help by bringing in new information, new living conditions, and health techniques that will restore the perfect body. Also with new ways of educating children, rediscovering ancient sciences, and last, but not least, bringing back to the earth the Divine Cosmic Laws that have been long forgotten. All of this is being brought about by these special beings, with the help of their Celestial Guardians or Overseers. This is a Cosmic Plan programmed and activated by frequency attunement via silica throughout the Universe.

There is a silver cord that connects the spirit with the physical body. Some have seen this silver cord while experiencing out of body flight. This is an energy system that helps maintain the Life Force within the physical body. Without this silver cord, the golden frequency of Life Force could not survive, and therefore would not manifest as life. This Life Force in turn produces an auric field around the body, which is viewed by some mystics and psychics. The colors that emanate from the body will be in correspondence to 7 rays of light. The Life Force, when viewed from other dimensions, is considered to be the golden frequency. This golden frequency has different degrees of intensity. Although most people on Earth cannot see this golden light, it is sometimes felt by sensitives. It is this Life Force, this Golden Energy that is set in frequency with Star Seed, Walk-ins and Lightworkers upon the planet, that is different in rate of vibration than the rest of the humans.

When this Life Force becomes low, the golden frequency seems to short circuit or seems to become disconnected from the Star Seed, Walk-0n or Lightworker, then that person's mission seems impossible to complete. This can be the most devastating thing that can happen to these special messengers. This results in the inability to pick up the signals of their Celestial Guardians or feel the presence of their home. When this situation occurs, then a loneliness prevails and many have given up to degenerative diseases. In extreme cases, suicide has come about because the pain of disconnection was too great to bear. A disconnection from the golden energy of Life Force can throw the physical body, in its atomic structure, into a degenerative position.

Without the cosmic Life Force of golden frequency, which intermingles with the etheric cosmic dust of matter, the physical body can no longer hold together. The proper amount of silica in the body can help to stop this disconnect from happening. When the silica supply is diminished, and the corresponding signals can no longer take place, the soul may decide to leave the body and ask for a new assignment, because of the silica shutdown.

When this occurs, other Star Seed, Walk-ins or Ligthworkers should come forward and help their fellow cosmic brothers and sisters to reconnect to their Life Force, and to reestablish their frequency attunement with the Golden Energy. But, if one prefers to stand back and only observe, then through the Law of Cause and Effect at some appointed time, their own Life Force may diminish in some way. This mission on Earth is to help everyone, without judgement, and without discrimination. When the need for cosmic assistance is at hand, simply go within, find the light of your own action, and let your guidance system take over. Let go and let God.

The three most important connective tissues that cover the brain, the spinal cord, and nerve fibers all have large supplies of silica. When silica is undersupplied, then these connective tissues start to break down and degeneration begins. These connective tissues must be working at top performance to insure the proper signaling of transmitted information for the entire system to come into balance. It is very difficult to send and receive celestial communication if these three connective tissues are not supplied with ample silica. When the nervous system breaks down due to lack of silica, a down spiral starts within the physical organs of the body, proper and normal functioning ceases, and the body goes into a degenerative state. Cells begin to disintegrate and start their transmutation journey into the down spiral. At some point the activation of the Will to Live is withdrawn and death then becomes imminent, and so frequency attunement is without a connection to the substance.

Quartz crystal, made from the property of silica, which is universal in frequency, is used for energy manifestation, communication, healings, and power sources on many planets within the universe. Memories of this stone are prevalent for many people upon the planet, but because of the misuse of quartz crystal in the past, many have chosen to look away from the brilliance and not gaze at the crystal.

The price that one can pay for the misuse of crystals is a price that most do not want to pay. It causes silica burn out. This misuse can terminate the Star Seed, Walk-in or Lightworker soul from the physical body. Emotions, when out of control, can also cause a silica burn out. Depressing thoughts, feelings of rejection, unhappiness and negative aspirations should be kept far away from crystal work. Crystals magnify the blood coding within the bloodstream and this could create blood that would program destruction to the body. Anger, hostility, greed, hate or any negative unproductive energy, when around crystals, will cause problems once the blood coding has been activated and set within the Star Seed, Walk-in or Lightworker.

Crystals, by themselves, are a vibratory mineral, so those people whose blood crystals have been changed and aligned for future crystal work, must handle crystals with positive feelings and thought forms. Crystals can magnify, amplify, direct, focus and transform energy. These energies can be awesome. Crystals are power sources that come from ALL THAT IS. Keep your thoughts into the upswing, positive, creative, and spiritual vibration. If you do, you will maintain a healthy mind and body.

To be a Star Seed, Walk-In or Lightworker is one thing, but to be one and also take the task of using crystals is a heavy responsibility to yourself, your loved ones, country, nation, and to the whole Universe. Many countries have been destroyed in the name of crystals. There are Dark Forces and Light Forces operating within the Universe, so when one is working with crystals they will be tried and tested by both. Only the ones that pass the test will be allowed to continue to use them. The Forces That Be will use everything they can think of to test your intent and loyalty of purpose. A great deal of Thought Adjusting will take place and, at times, you will think you are going insane. If your thinking isn't right, you could develop some mental problems.

If one is not clear within one's own crystal self, then that intent can cause a silica burn out. Crystals are a reflection of energy. How is your energy? How clear is your stuff? What is your weakest point? Where are you the most vulnerable? How often are you out of balance? Can you answer these questions truthfully? If you can't, then there could be some Dark Force that will keep you from an understanding of your own truth. When a person is in balance, physically, mentally, spiritually, then they can stand and hold the light in such a way that the Dark Forces have to withdraw their Thought Adjusting. Only when out of balance can they project the down spiral energy and shoot the Lightworker off of their mission.

The knowledge of the Divine Laws of the Universe is in the process of an awakening. Every Star Seed, Walk-In and Lightworker radio, so to speak, has to stay in good condition and in working order to be of service to these Divine Laws. When the need for repair does come about, then others of like vibration can come to the rescue with help and healings by Divine Cosmic Laws. Everyone must be willing to help their Star Sisters and Brothers maintain their balance so that their missions can be completed. The evolution of the planet, yes, but also the entire universe must be in perfect order and balance. The crystal connection runs throughout the entire cosmos. And so, this vital information about silica and the use of crystals is being handed down at this time.

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