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Emerald is an intuitive Mystic Psychologist, Astrologer and Mind Coach who works with Starseeds to help them overcome subconscious challenges so they can expand into the best version of themselves.
In her one to one work, Emerald mixes both astrology and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to help clients achieve personal goals and move into a more positive mindset. Emerald has been studying Pleiadean teachings since her awakening in 2010 and her gift is being able to read a person’s energy and dive deeply into the soul of her clients, getting to the core of subconscious limitations so they can be transmuted and transformed.

Emerald's personal awakening journey led her to uncover more about the Starseed and Indigo phenomenon where she discovered her own starseed markings and personal mission. Having felt a deep connection to the Starseed movement, Emerald now helps fellow starseeds overcome negative thinking and boost self worth and has trained with Lavandar and Arielle in Starseed Astrology, doing Stage One and Stage Two readings to support Starseeds through their journey of awakening.

When not working with clients Emerald does channelled writing, tarot, astrology and creating wellbeing articles. She lives by the sea in the UK and enjoys cycling, running and walking in nature to recharge her energy field.

Emerald offers the following support:


Stage 1 Starseed Confirmation readings
Stage 2 live sessions covering:
Synastry Chart Comparison (combination of charts between couples, friends, family)
Solar Return Readings (year ahead)
Transit Chart Readings (current planetary influences)

Coaching Support:

Emerald is a qualified Mind Coach and Life Coach and through her coaching sessions can help starseeds to:

Reprogram Negative Thinking and Negative Self Talk
Overcome Anxiety
Shift away detrimental habits
Dissolve Emotional stress and trauma
Guidance towards a specific personal goal (life, business, career, starseed mission)

If you would like to specifically request that Emerald does your Stage 1 Starseed Confirmation reading,
please follow up your order by sending an email to:

arielle at starseedhotline dot com

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or click below to request your Stage 2 live session with Emerald. The 30 minute option is not enough to combine the Stage 1and Stage 2; combining requires an hour.

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