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Anastasia does not predict the future as an absolute fate that cannot change, because as we awaken to our true spiritual identity in an ocean of energies, we learn that we possess an inner power to affect situations in a positive way. Anastasia uses her clairvoyant sight to provide Starseed, Walk-Ins, Lightworkers, Indigos and Spiritual Seekers with INsight as they chart their way through probability streams meant to bring about their Divine potential and purpose. Relationships, work dynamics, personal growth and healing represent the most meaningful and challenging dimensions of physical life. Anastasia will help you step beyond the cycles that limit and frustrate, so you may feel empowered to share the song of your soul meant to bring transformation to yourself and to the planet.

Having grown up at the base of Mt. Shasta, Anastasia has been clairvoyant from childhood. A professional metaphysician and psychic for over 30 years, she is an ordained minister, a deep trance channel, a published metaphysical author, teacher, and seminar presenter. Having had UFO experiences and high strangeness events over her lifetime, Anastasia was constantly prepared for her work with Starseed and Lightworkers at this important transitional time. She stands ready to assist you to demonstrate your full potential and live empowered by the Light of your Soul.

Anastasia works from your soul records, rather than astrology.


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Prepare for your consultation with Anastasia
Your reading will be most in tune if you prepare ahead of time. Make a list of questions that are of most importance to you, but understand that if you seek in-depth information and guidance, it is best to limit each reading to one or two subject areas. Personal dynamics and karmic patterns are subject matters of some depth, as human beings are beautiful, multidimensional time-travelers with much to understand!!

Have a moment of quiet reflection before your reading and ask your Divine Guides to assist during the reading. Believe it or not, the Spiritual realms appreciate appointments!!

Guides: The channeling of your guides is a specialized energetic endeavor. Therefore, please state your desire for this when you schedule your appointment. Depending on how Anastasia is directed by Spirit to help you, her choice to channel your guides is reserved as discretionary. It may very well be that you need to develop greater strength in knowing the Divinity and power within you, rather than externalizing this onto other beings. In fact, your Divine Guides strive with you to teach you this very truth…all true teachers know when the student must explore beyond the nest, and eventually to leave it. (Personal Mastery.) (Click on Guides, Teachers, and Helpers for more information.)

When your reading is completed, allow time for the information to "percolate" within you and time for the flow of your life to shift.

Your reading will start where you are, on your personal journey. It will be directed by the information that is most important to you in your spiritual growth. The more interested you are in the fulfilling of your personal mission, the more meaningful your reading will be. Above all else, you will receive great love and support, because you are greatly loved and totally supported. This is an unchanging Truth in these little dimensions of time and throughout all of great eternity.

Anastasia and your Beings of Love await you, with joy!

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