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What Are Star Markings?
You should read "Definitions","The Grand Design" and "Quartz Crystals" first before going on to Star Markings.

Imagine that the Universe is filled with sounds, or vibratory frequencies, like all the notes on a piano being played simultaneously. Or all the radio stations being heard at the same time. All of these notes, or stations, have their own harmonics that correspond only to them. A perfect demonstration of harmonics that you can hear for yourself - next time you're near an acoustic piano (real, not digital) pick any note - Middle C for example. If you're not familiar with the piano, look for the group of two black notes near the middle of the keyboard, and C is the white note just to the left. Look for the next higher C. Play each one to hear the difference. Now, slowly push the higher one down without letting it make a sound and hold it down. Strike the lower C firmly and will be able to hear the higher C even though you never played it. This is called sympathetic vibration, and is a basic example of how harmonic frequencies resonate together.

Like the strings in the piano, the DNA of Star Seed, Lightworkers and Indigos has been tuned by design, from bloodline, genetic engineering and most importantly, the deliberate time of birth. The planets' positions in our solar system all have a specific note, or frequency, at the time we draw our first breath at birth, when the silica crystals in our blood are imprinted with that note for life. This birth frequency establishes a person as a receiving station for contact when needed. Even if the person is unaware of the contact, or hasn't been activated yet, the "wiring" is always there. Everyone's natal chart is imprinted at birth, but Star Seed, Lightworkers and Indigos all have one or more of seven different recurring frequencies. When a resonant frequency is struck, like the note on the piano, only those with corresponding harmonics will vibrate. Those seven frequencies are reflected in the natal astrological chart as planetary degrees.

Using the natal astrological chart, we have a map of the planetary moment of your birth. As you will read in "The Discovery of Star Markings", there are certain frequencies that always manifest in certain ways. For example, people who are healers of some kind, whether they practice the healing arts or not, will have the exact same degree of some planet in the natal chart. Which planet and house it's in shows how the ability manifests. If you have the Mark of the Healer in your chart and have nothing to do with healing on any level, then you are not living in your Natural State. It's like a person born with perfect pitch who was never encouraged musically.

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