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Magical Moments Caught on Film

Going to Cairo, Egypt, means getting on an airplane. When her father wanted to take her picture before boarding, Lavandar said, "Daddy, you know I always put my bubble up before I get on a plane!" To that her father gave his usual skepticism and said, "Humor me," and took the picture.

Here's what her father saw after picking up the prints at the drugstore. He later wrote, "I guess you had something there..." If you look closely, you can see the words 'Delta South' at the top of the misty area, and at the bottom, her legs and jeans, purple coat and large handbag. All the other prints were normal.

"Mahmoud, Keeper of the Keys to the Great Pyramid." A member of an ancient and powerful Egyptian bloodline, his family has held those keys for 35 generations. His first cousin, Hosni Mubarak had been President of Egypt since 1981.

When he met Lavandar for the first time, he said, "You have returned as you said you would," and granted her two nights private access for the Ceremony.

Mahmoud and Lavandar with a large bowl of the Giza Crystals mentioned in "The Discovery of the Star Seed Codes."

As the facilitator for the
Pleiadean Initiation of 18 people, Lavandar conducts "The Ceremony."
November 17 + 18, 1983
A well known celebrity takes her turn in the sarcophagus while Lavandar conducts The Ceremony.

This is the view of the Great Pyramid with the Sphinx at your back and above the underground passageway that connects the two. About a quarter of the way up from the bottom, you can see the entrance to the passageway, but only in the photo. The tunnel actually is there, but not visible. Taken right after the Ceremony ended that morning, when to the naked eye, the sky was blue, the Pyramid and surrounding sand were their normal tan. The white/gold light on the right and left was also not seen by the many people gathered. The shadow of the Sphinx seems to be in the lower foreground...or is it?

All other prints on the roll were normal.