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We are grateful to have generated interest from around the world.

In an effort to serve people no matter where they live, we have a few options for you:

We are currently using Zoom for our live sessions, after way too much trouble with Skype and recordings being lost. We meet you online, no matter where you are, and record the session. There are also US phone numbers that you can use to call in to your session as well, or click the link that will be sent to you. This information will be sent to you when you order a Stage 2 live session only.

We will record your Stage 1 Starseed Confirmation as an MP3 and email it you. Solar Return Charts will be emailed along with your exact timing and links for instructions. Just go through our secure checkout and be sure to include your birth date, exact time and place, as well as your phone number and current location. For Solar Returns, we need to know where you'll be on the days just beforean on your birthday, if it's not at home. Remember to include your email address where we will send your information, and if that email is different from what comes through our checkout system, be sure to indicate which one to use exclusively with you.