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Having had the Starseed/Galactic Timing Codes demonstrated so deliberately by ET overseers well over 40 years ago, I have had time to truly understand their value. The assignment to carry, honor and release this training with preset timing has been my commitment.

There are now more Starseed souls walking the Earth than ever, because of the coming shift of both planetary frequency and the consciousness of her people. Some are still asleep, some are just awakening and fewer are awake and leading. During the emergence of star consciousness, it is vital that they awaken to their Natural State to allow their personal programming to function as was intended. We must increase the numbers of aligned beings and establish unified intent.

Our intent is to help activate, then guide the Starseed to their Natural State, which is reflected in the timing they chose for birth, allowing the instinct to gather and share power to manifest. As each one grows into their purpose, a new root race of enlightened souls can replace the lower vibrations of greed and aggression that have done harm on a global scale.

Cosmically Yours,