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Simply put, your Solar Return is your true birthday. Knowing the exact timing is very important, because there is a 10 hour window of enormous manifestational power available to you then to use toward your own benefit and growth. ORDER NOW

It would be helpful to have already read the following articles from "The Vault of Knowledge" to fully understand the energies of this once a year opportunity: "The Grand Design" which includes the descriptions of "Quartz Crystal" and "Silica-Genetic Quartz" as well as "What Are Star Markings?"

At the moment of your birth, as you drew your first breath, the silica in your body was imprinted with the frequency of the positions of the planets at that precise moment. Just like radio crystals or silicon microchips are programmed to a specific frequency, your silica naturally sets itself to the first planetary energies it encounters in that precise moment and place. It's a blueprint that you carry for life, encoded in your body.

The exact position of the Sun when you were born is obviously your birthday. Let's say it was on April 30, 1969, and the Sun was in Taurus at 9° 26min. Each year when the Sun returns to the exact same degree, 9°26, is the peak moment of your Solar Return, hence the name. Because we have leap years, the Solar Return often happens the day before your calendar birthday, so you miss out on the magic.

Just like hearing a train whistle approaching from a distance, five hours prior to the peak, the silica in your body starts to resonate to the "note" with which it was imprinted. Remember the harmonics experiment from your reading "What Are Star Markings?" This is another prime demonstration. As you learned in "The Grand Design", silica can be used to amplify thoughts, so as your internal silica starts to resonate and activate, your ability to transmit energy is increased a thousand per cent. The five hours approaching, you can feel it building to the peak moment, and then slowly recedes, like the train whistle, for the next five hours. A ten hour window of opportunity that only comes once a year, with so much potential for effecting the changes you yearn for, is often missed or even wasted.

We'll be happy to calculate the timing of your next Solar Return for only $8, so you can perform what we call The Solar Return Ceremony and make the most of your shining hours. You may also want to opt for an indepth reading for your "New Year's Road Map." Remember that we do have waiting lists, so you'll need to order the Stage 2 Solar Return interpretation early enough to get it before your ten hours happens.

Solar Return Ceremony

It's best to know the peak time of your Solar Return a few days or more in advance, so you have a plan for maximizing your ten hours. The most important thing to remember is that the energy or "song" of those hours will echo throughout your year. Avoid situations where you have to do things you don't like, deal with argumentative or otherwise unsupportive people. If you have to be in an unpleasant situation, try to keep your energy detached from it. Don't say yes when you want to say no, and vice versa. I remember a year when I had just spun up a strong manifestational energy, and then, as I was leaving my "sacred ground" I locked the keys in my car. Great. The locksmith was able to open the door, but for the next year, every door I knocked on stayed closed. Big lesson there...

Make a list of birthday commands. Anything from the material to the spiritual and beyond, as long as you don't interfere with anyone's free will. I like to make two handwritten copies; writing holds more energy than a computer printer. Pick a place that holds power or resonance for you. Sometimes it's not possible to go outside, but a natural surrounding is more beneficial; less cluttered with old energy. I like big trees or rocks to witness my Ceremony.

There's no set way to approach this Ceremony; you must make it personal. However, the element of honoring your blessings, ancestors or Nature herself sets an upspiral energy for you. If you use crystals, make sure they've been cleaned and charged beforehand. Read your list as commands, not wishes or prayers. End with a resounding "Amen!" or "So Be It!" and then burn the paper if you like. (That's why you make two copies.) This releases the energy into the Universe, so it can come back to you as you commanded. It's OK if you don't burn the paper; that's just the way I do it. Be careful and specific with your wording. Remember...
If you name it, you claim it.

Get Solar Return Timing$8

Enter your birth info, m/d/yy, exact time, birth place, and current residence. Be sure to use the American date format with the month first, then day and year. Enter your email and phone (in case your email blocks us.) The time will be emailed in most cases within a week of payment, but at least 2 weeks ahead would be best. If you'll be traveling on the days around your birthday, we'll need to know where you'll be, as location may change the chart.
An accurate birth time is essential.

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