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Before you click on this link, (which takes you off our site), there are a few things you should consider for your own benefit. This video link may be extremely disturbing for some people, since once you have heard the information, you can never go back. Others find it uplifting and get added clarity about "The Big Picture." It is two hours long, so choose the right time if you decide to watch it.

I have watched it in its entirety three times, and seem to get more from it each time. It is an interview with Andromedan contactee Alex Collier, done in 1994. His message is very positive, while some realities he describes with grave seriousness. His presentation is sincere and believable, and I know it took a great deal of personal courage to come forward with this information. Thank you, Alex.

The Andromeda Story
Interview with Alex Collier, Andromedan Contactee
Click here for the 1994 Interview

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