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After multitudes of requests over the last few years, it's finally here! Some of the most uplifting songs in the galaxy are performed by Arielle in this 22 song collection. These songs were carefully chosen to inspire and activate starseeds, delivered to you from me with deep love.

The songs are in mp3 format, downloaded in one Zip file. You'll see a page come up right after payment that will have the with a link to download. The file is 122 MB, so if you have a slow internet connection, contact Arielle for an alternate download method after you place your order. If you "don't have a Paypal account?", you can choose to pay with any major card as a guest.

All 22 songs for $11!
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This project was produced in my home studio, using only midi-keyboard sounds. Except for "Turn, Turn, Turn" and "Fisher Mt. Harbor," all musical arrangements were done with a keyboard and a Roland XV-5080 sound module. All vocals and harmonies performed by Arielle, except Fisher Mt. Harbor. (New lyrics to "Country Roads" by Tammie Stair.) "Going Home", (this is the original 1992 recording just months after meeting Lavandar), "Mother Nature's Crying" and "Horses' Thunder" all written and performed by Arielle. Engineered, mixed and produced by Arielle using the 'Reaper' digital recording studio.


This project is dedicated to Lavandar, in deep gratitude for her work on this planet.

Click on title for a sample

Ave Maria - I sang this one for the Sacred France / Mary Magdalene tour with Kathleen McGowan. It's the lesser known version, and my favorite of the two!

Bridge Over Troubled Water - One of the most uplifting songs of all time.

Broken Wing - The ultimate song of awakening and liberation of the feminine.

Come Sail Away - Did you ever really hear the last verse? Starseed codes in 1977!

Fisher Mountain Harbor - New lyrics written by Tammie Stair for our Crystal Quest Family!

From The Beginning - I'm a big ELP fan, and yes, "you were meant to be here"

Get Together - One of the best early starseed coded songs of 1967, especially verse two.

Going Home - Written and performed by Arielle, this is the original 1992 recording, written on Pleiadean Line Up Nov. 1991, just 4 months after meeting Lavandar.

Horses' Thunder - Written and performed by Arielle, this was also written on Pleiadean Line Up, Nov. 1991.

Impossible Dream - A timeless song of courage and the will to persevere, no matter what.

Let It Be - An enduring song of wisdom and faith.

Mary Did You Know - One of my 2 favorite Christmas songs, with inspiration for any season.

Mother Nature's Crying - Written and performed by Arielle, this was written in 1989 for my best wooden friend. You can read the whole story of how this song was born here. Re-recorded in 2013.

My Heart Will Go On - A promise of timeless love across the dimensions.

Nights in White Satin - A song of introspection and the expression of great love.

Only The Beginning - This one just makes me feel good, upbeat and energized!

Rocket Man - Aren't we all?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - This was the first song I ever sang in public, at age 8, standing near the back of the line after recess. No one was expecting it; I just started belting it out. When all the kids turned and stared, I thought it must be because I was so startlingly good. Now I realize that they just thought I was weird...and I was!

Teach Your Children - I love singing harmonies and music with a message, and this one allowed me to do both.

The Voice - I performed this wonderful Celtic song during our Sacred France trip, as it speaks so perfectly for the Cathars' enduring promise: "I will remain!"

Turn, Turn, Turn - Chosen for its relevance to our Crystal Quests, it quotes Ecclesiastes: "...a time to gather stones together." The musical track came from the internet, but I sing all the parts.

You Raise Me Up - I dedicate this to Lavandar from all of us who have been empowered by her wisdom and light information.


Buy NowAll 22 songs for $11!