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Lavandar and I were planning to do a blog on this so called "news item" concerning the so-called new astrological positions, but we're getting so much feedback about it that I'm going to give you the thumbnail version right here. Now.

The astrological wheel is based on the four seasons, with the vernal equinox marking the beginning of spring, when the day is equal parts light and dark. This is when the sun moves into Aries, which is the 20th of March, Athena's birthday or into the 21st. It's followed by the summer solstice, when the days reach their longest amount of daylight, then the autumnal equinox and finally, the winter solstice when the days are shortest. Astrology will not change unless these timings move, which they have not.

The astrological signs are in harmony with Mother Nature, and she doesn't care what labels humans use. This reminds me of when the scientists decided that Pluto was no longer a planet. Did it change the energy of Pluto or its consequent effects on humanity? Of course not.

Furthermore, Galactic astrology is sky to earth based, and I believe it's safe to say that the person or persons who have come up with these calculations are completely ignorant of the way that extraterrestrials use astrological frequencies throughout their experiments.

Even if nature shifted the occurrence of solstices and equinoxes yesterday, it would not change the frequency of your blood crystals, which were imprinted with planetary codes and energies on the day you were born. If such a shift were to happen it would only affect people born after it happened.

Considering the critical importance of the timing of our starseed projects both individual and collective, what better way to interfere with our success than to interfere with our timing? Look at how one drop of misinformation has spread like wildfire and confused so many people. Put on your Galactic tracking glasses and remember "Truth Knows Its Own Source" Do you still feel like the sun sign you were born to? I myself was born an Aries and nobody's going to tell me I'm not! LOL…(Aries joke)

I hope this puts your minds to rest.