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The true story you're about to read is a clue, but just a clue, as to how galactic beings conduct their demonstrations and experiments upon the planet of Earth. It makes me wonder now if perhaps these experiments are also conducted in similar fashion on other planets as well. It has taken me a long time to decide to be the scribe and release this information, as I have tracked it since 1980. It all started right after I bought an A-frame house at Cripple Creek Colorado and was taking a break away from psychic counseling for a while.

Whenever I traveled into town or on a long trip, I would take my ephemeris - a book which shows the astronomical placements of planets on a person's birth date. I had completed my studies to be an astrologer at the Academy of Atlantis in California back in 1975, and had used those tools to tune into people to assist them with their life's path. When I didn't have access to a chart, I would simply look at the ephemeris for the planet placements.

A curious thing started to happen right after the eclipse on Feb. 16, 1980, which was at 26 Aquarius. No matter where I was, or who I was meeting for the first time, I was finding people with 25, 26, 27 degree planets. It made no difference whether they were young or old; every one, and I mean every one, had these 25, 26, 27 degree planets, which now are three of the seven markings I call "Star Seed Codes." At first I just thought,"How cute." Then it became apparent that something was entering my life from the "twilight zone" as I finally figured out that the odds of this happening were right off the astronomical chart of probabilities. An astrology wheel has 360 degrees in total. There are 12 astrological signs with 30 degrees in each sign, so to my amazement there were only 36 chances out of 360 that I would find someone with one of these 3 particular Star Seed Codes. So why was I only drawn to people with these markings?

When I think of all the different people that I would ask for their birth information; chefs, taxi cab drivers, stewardesses, pilots, hairdressers, doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs, etc., and how they were some how, some way guided to be in my path, then I have to figure that this was some kind of galactically designed plan. One time I was in a restaurant and on impulse, I stood up and announced that I was working on a project and I needed to have everyone's birthday. So I passed a tablet around for everyone to write their information. There were about 75 people in the restaurant and I was surely going to find ONE that was not Star Seed. WRONG. EVERY PERSON had the markings. I just about flipped. What made those people all be there at that moment? Why did I stand up and ask for their birth dates? This is when I knew how planned out this was by beings a lot more attuned than I. Later that night, I drank a lot of wine - because now it was 'beyond the beyond' in tracking.

This went on from Feb 16, 1980 until November 18, 1983. In those three and a half years, every single person I felt compelled to ask, every person I met had these Star Markings. It was clearly a demonstration orchestrated by advanced beings. Then it stopped suddenly. Over. I remember the timing because it coincided with the completion of another galactic assignment. It had been my task to lead 18 people, one of whom was a famous actress/author, in a two night initiation ceremony that took place inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt, on what I call Pleiadean Lineup. This is an alignment of planets to the Pleiades, which happens twice each year. I had in my possession 40 pounds of tiny double terminated quartz crystals, which I had been telepathically directed to acquire and bring to the pyramid. They had been secreted away in the Queens Chamber for those two nights while a group of off planet Pleiadeans placed codes of frequency within these crystals. When I asked for an explanation of how powerful these crystals were, all that was told to me is they resonated to the 7th celestial power, and we had nothing on this planet with which to measure that. I was only to know that they held a balancing beam that would be placed between man and nature, and their energy would be time released through the coded star marks of 25, 26, 27 degree astronomical timing. Ahah! Now I was beginning to comprehend the purpose of the demonstration and Grand Design of the last three and a half years. These are just two pieces of the puzzle.

I would refer to these crystals later as the Giza Crystals, and have tracked some of their comings and goings over the last 25 years. Since my book was published, titled "Quartz Crystals: A Celestial Point of View," I knew a lot of crystal light workers that devoted much of their time to planting crystals around the world at sacred sites, trees, lakes, buildings, monuments, etc. One place in particular has more Giza Crystals than any other place, and that is Ayers Rock in Australia. I received lots of calls and letters from people telling me that they had been instructed to fly to Australia and plant these Giza crystals at Ayers Rock. My last recall was that about 100 people had ventured to plant these crystals. I keep wondering why so many people were spiritually and galactically drawn to take these crystals to Ayers Rock. Last year, I got a telephone call from someone who told me that a hieroglyph had been found in one of the newly discovered pyramids in Egypt, and that it matched the hieroglyph that is on the top of Ayers Rock. When I heard the translation, I just about fell to my knees. They both refer to Time Travel. WOW. How off the chart is that?

So back to November 18, 1983, when the "high strangeness" demonstration about asking people for their birth dates stopped. Now, very few would have these markings. In fact, no one that I met on my trip home from Egypt had any of these markings and I paid close attention to this oddity. It was like I had been a human galactic Geiger counter finding Star Seeds, and once I was through with the demonstration, it all changed.

What happened next was that I was drawn to Star Seed, Walk-Ins, and Lightworkers without asking for their birth information; I just knew. That's what the three and a half years of demonstration had taught me. I became so familiar with the energy of these Star Seeds, that I didn't need the ephemeris. I usually would go up to a stranger, hand them a Giza Crystal, and just keep walking. After all these years, I have come to know that these crystal energies are time released and activate on their own, but I have noticed that when the planets are in those galactic degrees of the star codes, they seem to be activated the most.


Star Markings and Nobel Prize Winners

This story builds on the information above and it is strongly recommended that you read "The Discovery of the Star Seed Codes" first.

I worked with these codes for extensively for eight years after the demonstration was over. Then the next level of training started with a bolt of lightning, literally. Actually it was four bolts of lightning.

I can pinpoint the date, June 5, 1991, when forces came to put me on the path to the next level of Star Code knowledge and tracking. I was living in a house in North Georgia, and that morning a red cardinal kept flinging itself against my window. In the past I have experienced feathered beings bringing me messages about certain timings. I had known that it was time to leave the area, but didn't know where to go. Then, I had a visitor from Florida who wanted a reading. I was reluctant, since I was taking a break from doing readings, but she kept pressing me. Finally I agreed.

The house had a screened-in porch surrounded by big tall pine trees. As I was preparing to speak about her starseed planets, lightning struck to my left. Since I had been struck by lightning three times in my life, (that's another whole story…) I decided that this time I wanted to use it and not be afraid. The first strike hit a tree, and I breathed in. I became aware that I was taking some kind of power and energy into my system. It seemed to increase my energy and courage. I kept talking. Then the second strike happened to my right, again a tree. Both strikes were in front of me as I looked to the south. I breathed in again, gaining strength and courage. Within 30 minutes, there were two more strikes in back of me, thus the four directions. The trees were charred and smoking, my client was now quivering, but I was feeling like I'd conquered my lightning fear. After the reading she offered her home in Florida for me to house sit, and there it was, the opening to leave Georgia. As I walked away from the cabin that day, an eagle flew over me and it occurred to me that I was indeed to go to Florida to find "the eagles," which again, is another whole story. In about a month, when I was visiting a girl in Ft. Lauderdale, I found the keystone that took my star code training and tracking to the next level. It showed me about genius and where the evolution of the planet was going.

At my friend's house, I was waiting to receive a fax from another friend in California. She and I were working with actor/environmentalist Dennis Weaver, who had gotten a request to help with a documentary on Nobel Prize Winners, and she wanted me to look at the proposal she was faxing. While waiting for the 85 pages to come through, I got an unexpected call from a lady who was going to hear a man lecture that night, and insisted that I go with her. Imagine the jolt I got when I found out that his subject for the evening was Nobel Prize Winners. Looking back, I now know it was not a mere coincidence that I met a man named Roy Tate, who was the author of a book called "The Astrology of Genius". He had done an astrological study of 427 Nobel Prize Winners, looking for a pattern of similarities in their charts.

His birthday was September 16th, so he had a 26° Virgo sun. I went to his lecture and spent time with him afterwards. He was a unique one…a psychiatric nurse, never been married. I sat up for hours looking at these charts. Because of what I had discovered years earlier, I automatically scan for Star Markings in a chart. To my utter astonishment, here's what I found: 95% of the Nobel Prize winners were born with the markings, received their prize on a day with the markings, and they died with the markings.

There are twelve signs in the zodiac, represented by twelve houses set as a 360° wheel. Within this wheel is energy that matches constellations and other cosmic things. Each 30° house / sign contains points at 25°, 26°, 27°, giving a 36 out of 360 chance of having one star mark on one day. What are the odds that over 400 out of 427 had 25°, 26°, 27° planets at birth, AND at receipt of their Award AND at their passing? The enormity of what I saw was so overwhelming that I had to go lie down for three days. And that doesn't even include the other four Star Marks I knew about that I saw repeating in many charts. This was the keystone; they had led me to the big picture that went with all the pieces I'd been collecting and joining together since 1980.

Now the interesting correlation is that there has been a particular program running for a long time on this planet from the Pleiades. The Pleiadeans run their programs from 25°, 26°, 27°, 28° and 29° of Taurus. The time of Atlantis was the Age of Taurus, and that constellation was very active during that time. Every 26,000 years it cycles. The Age of Taurus for Atlantis was Pleiadean. They had the play in Atlantis, they had they play in Egypt, and they've got the play now. So in harmonic relation, 25°, 26°, 27° of each sign has to do with the activation of all the galactic species to come back and finish what they started a long time ago.

Because I had been tracking this since 1980, when I saw this, I realized it's what determined whom I would meet. I had always wondered about the nature of the energy that navigated people into my life, since during my initial training on this, which lasted for three and a half years, every single person I questioned had at least one 26° marking, which is the apex. I knew that there are Universal harmonics governing all energies, but after this final demonstration, at last I had the decryption key which connected me to several global plays that would affect millions in the balance.

I took these assignments with much trained discernment concerning certain celebrities and political figures who also had these markings. Some went on to great accomplishments. Others crashed and burned, because of a lack of discernment and enough arrogance to be interloped and used as pawns by other Galactic species having sinister intent.

Most of these global plays were conducted through the Walk-In and Walk-Out Experiments that were allowed to bring forth dimensional knowledge. Not much has been written or spoken of these procedures, as it creates too much fear and apprehension to many who do not have the galactic manual of ET experiments.

As time went by, I began to realize how these codes were utilized for far reaching experiments conducted by both sides of the Galactic chess team. I also noticed star markings were being used by transit concerning alien abductions, cattle mutilations, major earthquake events, announcement of political careers concerning global plays, births and deaths of celebrities, technology inventions, airplane crashes, terrorist attacks, NASA space flights, major holidays involving the laws of America, such as the 4th of July. My tracking radar always gets turned up around Pleiadean Lineup, which happens twice a year; May 17,18,19 and November 17,18, 19, as there seems to be more activity with Pleiadean experiments than any other species.

Most of my tracking is done as an observer and scribe, but one observation got to me on a deep emotional level. It really made my heart sink to the bottom of my stomach as I saw the timings and correlations of the codes in regard to the missing children that were on milk cartons some years ago. That one really upset me, as I realized the sinister energies were also using the star markings somehow to implement and track their experiments. After a while, the pictures on the milk cartons stopped, but the missing children kept on being a concern as thousands were vanishing without a trace.

Then there were the mind control experiments that really put me over the edge; every one of the ones that I tracked had major star markings. So I got to see how both positive and negative ET programming and experiments were implanted on planet Earth. Because of the magnitude of what I had come to know, I felt shaken to the core. And if it shook me, after all my training and contact with Pleiadeans, I realized that the utmost discernment was needed about releasing this knowledge to the world. So I placed the information in a time-released vault, not to open until a certain key coded activation had taken place. After holding this responsibility for over twenty-five years, the activation has occurred, bringing me to this announcement: The vault is now open and the information is being released in proper sequence, because "NOW IS THE TIME".

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