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Giza Crystals

There is a finite number of "Giza Crystals" left. They cannot be bought, but they can be given away to those who are aligned. To receive a Giza Crystal, you first must study, find, and complete these tasks:

1. Required reading of "The Grand Design", "Quartz Crystals", "Silica-Genetic Quartz" and "The Discovery of the Star Markings", and watch the videos "Interview with Lavandar: Pleiadean Lineup pts. 1 though 6 to learn the story of Giza crystals' origins, what they really are and what they carry.

2. There are clues and codes hidden throughout this website, whether in the text, graphics, geometry, colors, sounds or movements. Find as many as you can.

3. Get your copy of "Quartz Crystals: A Celestial Point of View" by Lavandar, available here. You'll need to know how to handle these rare crystals.

4. Lastly, avail yourself of a session with Lavandar or Arielle, so they can connect with your energy field. The gifting of a Giza Crystal is at their discretion.

Tiny, clear, double terminated crystals charged in the Great Pyramid for 2 nights...more...

This bowl is filled with tiny Giza Crystals

If you have had a session with Lavandar, and she is sending you a free Giza Crystal care package, please chip in for the shipping and handling.

In the USA - $10

Outside of USA - $20
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