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The Pleiades Star Cluster in the constellation of Taurus. Called "The Seven Sisters," there are nine stars included in the open star cluster, as they are joined by their parents, Atlas and Pleione. One of the nearest clusters to Earth, it is 440 light years away...give or take...

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Millennia ago, an advanced civilization from the Pleiades star cluster introduced their genetics on planet Earth. They observed the evolution of the species, experimenting with ways to further spiritual development. Atlantis, the ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations were all Pleiadean projects. Their programmed "energy signature" was encoded and imprinted on DNA, the way fingerprints are left behind when you touch something. This energy signature responds to its own origins, like a radio tuned for one station.

When our sun is at Galactic (25, 26, 27) degree of Taurus or Scorpio, we are in astronomical alignment with the Pleiades, both at the conjunct in Taurus or the opposition in Scorpio. The Pleiadean energy signature on the planet is activated, like a gong that lasts for three days, twice a year. It is a time of Pleiadean entrances and exits, when they tend to their projects, whether starting, maintaining or ending.

Those with the matching energy signature can be activated (woken up), those already awake can be empowered, and those ready to finish and graduate may leave, or start something new at a higher level.

While the Pleiadean interaction here isn't limited to this timing, it is the time of the highest activity. Someone born with a planet or House Cusp at Galactic degree in Taurus or Scorpio would be connected to the Pleiadeans at some level all the time, unless their bloodline had been so intermixed that the original encoding is skewed. It's like your radio station isn't coming in loud and clear, but if you really want to, you can train your ears to listen.

Pay attention to what happens on May 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and November 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, not only in your personal life, but on a global scale. Because of leap year, sometimes the sun might reach 25° before the 16th, but that's something you can easily find out, thanks to the internet, as it is astronomical information.

Ultimately, the Pleiadean agenda is one of spiritual development toward the ability of a species to live in harmony with each other, realizing a group conscience and consciousness, and to live in balance with Nature.

What we call Pleiadean Lineup, is both an astronomical alignment and a time for activation, realignment or action concerning Pleiadean agendas.

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MAY 2010 Pleiadean Line Up Forecast, which is still unfolding in 2023.

Many people have asked me for the current specifics on my Pleiadean Lineup information, as to how it corresponds with the times that we are experiencing on the planet. In accordance with recent transmissions, a further explanation seems to be required for the understanding of how the Pleiadean Experiment 3 is proceeding on the planet of Earth. Evolutionary earth changes and scientific discoveries have quantum leaped Earth into another timeline. The Pleiadeans and others from the 33 species of Galactic Intent have accelerated some Starseed Blood Codings into activation, ahead of schedule. This became more visible to those of us doing galactic tracking after the Chilean earthquake, which actually shifted our planet's magnetic grid by degrees and time.

When Pleiadean blood first came to the planet and Experiments 1, 2, and 3 were laid down through those bloodlines, it was decided that November 17, 18 and 19th and May 17, 18 and 19th would be dates of inoculation of crystalline serum to be administered to certain species. These are actual physical inoculations given leaving marks on the skin. These matching dates would correspond to the astrological markings in one's chart that would show 25, 26, or 27 degrees for any planet or house cusp whether it be November/Scorpio or May/Taurus alignment. It was also decided that these dates would be observed and kept for the Pleiadeans to come and go off your planet to seed, water and nourish their experiments with their offspring, thus their Star Seed children. Mighty galactic ships would come en masse all over the planet to check on underground complex crystal computers, ley lines, crystal power grids, environmental indicators, bloodline count, and various scientific discoveries, ever under the watchful eye of the Watchers from not only the Pleiades, but from the Antares/Arturus Midway Station. The harvest time would come when they would watch their children grow through evolutionary processes of all aspects of God or Goddess manifestation. All experiments on the different planets have the harvest times of ascension or the changing of one form to another. Changing form is sometimes what a lot of experiments are about.


After the last three Teton Meetings inside a mountain in Wyoming, it became clear to me and some of my allies, in this knowing that some of us would need to prepare certain starseed, walk-ins, light workers, indigos, and crystal children for the evolutionary jump that would be set in motion by the November2009/May2010 Pleiadean Line Up. Last year we were told of a gigantic walk-out, walk-in procedure that would be taking place on November Pleiadean Lineup of 2009. This would be the time when millions of Starseed Pleiadeans would go home and new walk-ins would come to take their place. Some of them dropped their bodies, not to be entered, while others gladly offered them, as they had agreed to the plan long before they came to the planet. This agreement was that "no matter what" they were doing or who they had become; they would simply go home back aboard the Starship of Bethlehem, or other vessels that were transporting them back to the Pleiades. The remaining Starseed Pleiadean Walk-ins, including all of the other Pleiadean offspring on the planet, will have a resonating field appear in their electromagnetic systems through their bloodlines that will leap forward with this consciousness. The astrological timings, matching the 25, 26, 27 degree marks in their charts, define several to be activated and show the depth of the activation at each astrological checkpoint. For the past 6 months, some Walk-Ins from the November 2009 LineUp have been dormant, getting used to the Earth and its properties, and all has been quiet with very little notice of their arrival. But that all changes this May, as they will be awakened in their spirit and in their earth bodies, and shifts like we have not seen since the 1983 November Pleiadean Lineup where masses were lifted off the planet and a mass production of Pleiadeans arrived on the planet to help in the navigation until November 2009, when most of them would leave and others would come. There is a detailed video about that November '83 LineUp on The things that we can expect from this new group of Pleiadean Walk-Ins on this May activation happening from May15 --20th are:

1. Scientific discoveries balancing out destructive measures. Atomic concerns are primary.
2. Political figures being replaced by walk-ins or clones. Leaders of nations balancing the needs of the people with the planet.
3. Implant technology will surface on a global scale of knowledge along with GPS tracking from satellites placed by ET's instead of government.
4. Nicola Tesla and the Tesla experiments at every level will be revealed, including cloning the Tesla kids on the planet, the ones that have his genius DNA and unfulfilled missions. Tesla was not Pleiadean, but from Orion.
5. ET technology will surface and will force UFO Disclosure to the masses as other foreign countries will take the lead away from the United States.
6. Earth's planetary ecosystem with climate changes become predominant as more destruction, famine, loss of stability within the ecosystem demands changing of the guard. Stewards of Gem Power Points will be reinforced, as other stewards of the land will hold devices for frequencies of balance and will become beacons of planetary balance.
7. Alterative Energy resources are demanded and given globally
8. Food resources will change the nutritional value of nourishment
9. Harmful Chemicals will be identified and be neutralized on several levels
10. The secret of Star Wars Technology will be announced in detail to the masses
11. Mind control technology will cause millions to go to the streets in outcry
12. Ancient scrolls, depicting past Pleiadean experiments will surface and be documented
13. Quartz Crystals will receive a new influx of interest, especially for starseed
14. Crystal Mines in Arkansas will reveal and give up the secrets from Old Atlanteans.
15. HAARP attached to military bases linked to Cell Phone Towers and cell phones will be dismantled as the harmful effects can no longer be tolerated.
16. Cell phone manufacturers will install, from factory, a device to protect the user from harmful radiation. It could take an act of Congress as more evidence points to cancer.
17. Volcanoes, earthquakes and a shift in the earth's axis will terminate many off the planet
18. Migratory workers will also be included in this mass walk-in demonstration from all races, as traveling light and temporary residence is preferred by many.
19. Astrology, astronomy, science, religion come together in another alignment of reason.
20. Airplane travel will be a focus of many walk-ins, as an abundance of them are in the transportation/recreation business. Also food, hotel, recreation destinations will be areas of interchange for many starseed walk-ins.
21.War of the Minds experiment will be so maximized that many will not make it on the planet, as many will die from heart attacks and fright, while others will instigate war with others that they do not understand. The blood codings faction will be launched in order for the balance to come forth for the changing of the guard, this also in alignment when the sun will activate galactic center at 26 Degrees of Sagittarius on Dec. 21, 2012. With the present mixing of blood and UFO Disclosure on the planet there seems to be no other way except to allow the War of the Minds to take place without interference or intervention. The only intervention would be in case of Atomic War and that is the safeguard, as this will not be tolerated. Many Pleiadeans walk-ins have had this duty for a long time and many of them will not be going home because of their dedication to preserve the planet and its people. A special leave of absence from the Pleiades was extended to these courageous beings and the planet of Earth will never truly know of their sacrifice not to go home, as others will do.

I was instructed not to list all of the assignments, as some would be in jeopardy by announcing. So I just listed some of the Pleiadean 3 experiments that will be placed upon Earth. I did not mention the health aspects, which will be given later in another report about the health of the planet and its people. This will be a volatile report and much discernment will be required when I write this, as certain malefic forces will not want this report to go viral on the Internet.

Pleiadean Walk Out/Walk In Adjustments

1. Polarity/Male/Female
2. Relationships with others
3. Personal/Professional business
4. Partnerships/Romantic/Bonds
5. Financial structure
6. Friends/Family/Pets
7. Dietary adjustments
8. Fashion/Style/Color
9. Metaphysical/Religion/Philosophical
10.Mental/Emotional/ Spiritual/ Galactic
11.Contract on Unfinished Karma
12.Health/Healing concerns

For more details on Walk-Ins or the Teton Meetings, there are archived teleconference calls on headlinenews

These are just some of the areas where the walk-out, walk-in adjustments take place. Pleiadeans arriving for the first time have harder adjustments than others that have already been to the planet in prior walk-in experiments, therefore those who have been here before have a more settled lifestyle and it is not so hard as it is for newcomers. After monitoring this for over 25 years I have discovered that relationships that go through the walk-out, walk-in experience are the hardest for human emotional balance systems. Waking up one day and turning to your mate of many years and saying you need a divorce and are leaving is so hard on so many that chose to participate in these Pleiadean experiments. Leaving behind friends, family, pets and financial obligations seems cruel on some levels, and for some it leaves an emotional and spiritual residue that carries on in other experiments. It is only when they seem to remember that it hurt so much. That is why erasures are allowed in order not to remember some of the painful departures with loved ones who have a strong ancestral bloodline, which has been mixed with other species. Several ask for shots of non-remembrance, for it is sometimes the only way to continue on with the mission at hand. To be pulled through emotional attachment in such a way as not to function properly seems to be the area of greatest concern, as the earth programming is strong laced with religious and parental ancestral bondage, levels that take many walk-ins away from their soul's mission.

In closing I would like to end on a lighter note of thought. This is going to be an exciting adventure for a lot of us who have been involved with the Pleiadean's experiments, 1, 2, and 3, especially over the last 50,000 years or so. We will be reunited with loved ones with whom we have so much history, that it will feel like home just to acknowledge them or get to know them personally again. Many we will see on television or through the media and internet, and the recognition will be overwhelming. This will be both positive and negative in its effects. Discernment is a must; don't quit your day job in order to fly on a whim of Pleiadean excitement. Take your time and question everything to your satisfaction as "TRUTH KNOWS ITS OWN SOURCE" and "NOBODY SAID WHAT THIS WOULD LOOK LIKE." Two phrases I have come to know as dynamic codes that neutralize doubt at any level.

So what should a person be doing on these Pleaidean dates, especially the ones on May 15-20th? Try to be your own council away from other influences and listen to your higher self as you align to these dates. Not everyone will resonate to Pleiadean Lineup, but those who have Pleiadean missions and bloodlines will resonate, and for those sleeping Pleiadeans who will be so strongly awakened in May, let me personally acknowledge your arrival by extending my support for your brave and courageous mission to our planet. We know that coming through the veil without direct memory is hard, but there are others like yourself, so know that you're not alone, as millions came with you and are waiting for connection. And for those of you who came through the veil with direct memory, please help the rest of your Pleiadean brothers and sisters align with us at what ever level of comfort you desire in participation.